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You will receive your wings at Level 10 when you ascend to a Daeva and can begin flying.

There are many different aspects to flight in Aion, which plays a vital role in Travel, Combat, Quests, and Crafting. Your Flight Meter is located at the bottom of your screen to the left of your Mini-Map and will give you all of the information you need to know about controls and limitations.


Flight Available


Not Available

At first you will only be able to fly in certain areas, called flight zones. Your ability to fly will be indicated by your Flight Meter, which will light up when you enter a flight zone. Flight is limited to 60 seconds, but can be increased with various armor, titles, and other items in-game.

You can begin flying by either using the Page Up button or clicking on your Flight Meter. For information on controls, time remaining, and the cool off period; hover over the Flight Meter for the tool-tip box


After pressing Page Up to begin flying, you can use the R and F keys to ascend and descend. Although, once off the ground, movement can be governed in the same manner that it is on the ground, by using the W,A,S,D keys and by pointing your mouse while right-clicking.

Flight Commands

Shortcut Description
Page Up Open wings and rise off the ground
Page Down Fold wings and land
R Rise vertically
F Descend vertically
ScrLk (Scroll Lock) Locks your altitude
Space Bar When in flight, the Space Bar toggles between Gliding and Flying. Not in flight, it can be used to open your wings and glide down a hill. Beware; if you start out by Gliding, pressing the Space Bar again will retract your wings.
W,A,S,D Once in the air, you can use the W,A,S,D keys for movement as you would on the ground when walking or running.
Mouse Once in the air, the Mouse also functions as it did on the ground. While using the W,A,S,D keys, you can right-click and point the mouse in the direction you would like to go. Turning, ascent, and descent can be controlled using a combination of W,A,S,D and the mouse.

After you are in the air and reveling in your new abilities, you will need to pay close attention to the flight gauge displayed above your head. The border of the <a href="Flight_Meter">Flight Meter</a> also serves as a gauge and lets you know how much flight time you have left. The green bars will start to count down and flash red when your flight time is expiring. You will also get an on-screen warning and one in your chat window, just to make sure you don’t miss the clues that it is time to land.


Above Head Flight Gauge


Flight Meter



If time runs out before you touch ground, you will begin to fall and can suffer damage or even death upon impact. When flying, your Mini-Map will display either blue or red wings, depending on your height.

Blue wings mean you are at a safe height although you may suffer some damage if you fall. Red signals that you have reached a height that will result in certain death should you fall.

Flight is restricted to flight zones, although you can Glide as soon as you ascend and get your wings. The first available flight zones are: Verteron for Elyos and Altgard for Asmodian.

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The ability to Glide is governed by momentum, so the higher you are, the further you will be able to go. Gliding is a gradual descent and you cannot rise manually as you would with Flight, however you may experience updrafts that will take you higher and increase your flight distance.

Once you are in the air, press your Space Bar once to open your wings and begin Gliding and press it again to close them. Speed is controlled by leaning forward (W) or back (S). The mouse can be used to control your direction, the same as flight. Experiment with the different movement keys while in the air to find out what works best for you.

The flight gauge above your head will be yellow when Gliding, opposed to green as it is with Flight. Keep an eye on your Flight Meter, as Gliding is governed by the same timer and cool off period as Flight.


Pressing the Space Bar once you are Gliding will retract your wings and cause you to fall. This can be easy to do and there is then a 10 second cool off before you can Glide again.

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Improving Flight

Like any new skill you are learning, flight will take time to perfect; and you can probably count on taking a few falls before you have mastered it.

There are numerous ways to enhance different attributes of flight, such as speed and duration. While you only start out with 60 seconds of flight, in time you will be able to extend that to several minutes with armor, accessories, and possibly even a new set of Wing Feathers. Although, most of these items are not easy to come by and when found, can be rather pricey.

At level 10 and then again starting at level 25, you will start to get Campaigns and Quests related to flight and your entry in to the Abyss. As a reward, you will receive manastones and skills to improve your flight. There are also titles to be had, potions to be drank, and scrolls to be read; all helping you lengthen and improve your flight.

Flight Tips- Keep an eye on your Flight Meter and flight potions handy to extend flight time.- If you fly too high our try to leave the flight zone you will hit an invisible wall.- If you cannot change your altitue using your mouse, check to see if ScrLk (Scroll Lock) is on. ScrLk locks your altitude and can then only be manually adjusted using the R & F keys.