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85dc0526d88759d5906af4bd.jpg When outside of flight zones, Gliding is an extremely fast way for a Daeva to travel from one point to another, but it does have its limitations.

To start gliding: Once you are in the air tap your jump key (Space Bar) once to spread your wings and again to close them.

Your ability to glide is governed by your momentum. The mechanic works just like real flight. Obviously jumping off of a hill or mountain is no doubt a quick way to gain momentum. You may even experience updrafts that will increase your flight distance. Just be aware it does not increase your flight time. You can both lean forward and backward to help increase or decrease your speed and control your flight. To stop gliding you press your jump key again and retract your wings. A word of caution however, your flight time is limited and does have cooldown.

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