Dredgion Invasion

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- Available every Sunday at 21:00
- Available for up to 384 players
- Available for levels 66 and higher


- Various battle events like raid, defense, infiltration, air combat
- Randomly generated combat events
- Gather points by killing as many monsters as possible


- Compensation depends on the final score




1 entry a week



Protect your city from the invasion of the Dredgion!

Dredgion Invasion is an instance where you protect your main city from a Dredgion army coming from Reshanta.

Every week when the time is right, Elyos can apply to participate in the Sanctum Battlefield, and Asmodians in Pandaemonium Battlefield.

All players from the server can participate in this instanced dungeon, throughout the zone, you will encounter various battle events.

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Background Story

After the reawakening of the Tower of Eternity, the aetheric field surrounding Atreia has begun to weaken.

Sensing this change from her slumber deep within the Abyss, Ereshkigal has dispatched fleets of dredgions to assault the capital cities directly.




● You can apply to the instance every Sunday at 21:00. The admission time will end after 15min.

● When the time is right, a system message in the center of your screen, and an admission button will appear.

● Dredgion Invasion is divided between both races, Sanctum Battlefield for Elyos, Pandaemonium Battlefield for Asmodians.

● Pandaemonium and Sanctum Battlefields can be accessed by up to 384 players each.


Structure of the Pandaemonium and Sanctum Battlefields is as follows.

The map structure is different, but how you proceed and possible rewards are the same.


Sanctum Battlefield


Pandaemonium Battlefield


Dredgion Invasion
8c5cee509b7840937406bd52.png Sanctum Battlefield Save Sanctum from the Dredgion Invasion.
D8ff31f5e433620a3e5f8094.png Pandaemonium Battlefield Save Pandaemonium from the Dredgion Invasion.
475acd9c21ab896e5b78dbc6.png Quests Quests that can be completed during Dredgion Invasion.

As a infiltrator, advance through a special Rift and help your comrades with the attack.

76d4e151340e6235dc115d35.png Rewards Rewards for participating in the Dredgion Invasion.