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The type of rewards you can obtain from the Dredgion Invasion depends on the final score.

You can expect equipment items, blessing materials, and high-quality materials to be delivered to you for successfully protecting your city from the Dredgion.

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Rank Compensation

Following rewards will be distributed according to the final score.

Rank Points Rank Compensation Additional Compensation for the
final attack on the Dredgion
S 164,157 Premium Frigida Legion Supply Box Premium Frigida Legion Loot Box (3 Generators destroyed)

Major Frigida Legion Loot Box (2 Generators destroyed)

A 139,674 Major Frigida Legion Supply Box Greater Frigida Legion Loot Box
B 61,208 Greater Frigida Legion Supply Box Lesser Frigida Legion Loot Box
C 39,735 Lesser Frigida Legion Supply Box Minor Frigida Legion Loot Box
D 20,000 Minor Frigida Legion Supply Box

Evolution Items

There are 3 types of equipment items that can be acquired from the Dredgion Invasion.

Each item can be upgraded into a greater version through evolution. The best items can also be directly obtained after achieving the highest ranks.

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Dredgion Invasion
8c5cee509b7840937406bd52.png Sanctum Battlefield Save Sanctum from the Dredgion Invasion.
D8ff31f5e433620a3e5f8094.png Pandaemonium Battlefield Save Pandaemonium from the Dredgion Invasion.
475acd9c21ab896e5b78dbc6.png Quests Quests that can be completed during Dredgion Invasion.

As a infiltrator, advance through a special Rift and help your comrades with the attack.

76d4e151340e6235dc115d35.png Rewards Rewards for participating in the Dredgion Invasion.