New World Update - Skill Changes

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New Skills

1. New skills have been added to every class.



Skill Name



Vision Stigma

fi_bladeshock_g1.png Wind Lance

Deals damage to a target 25m away and causes it to stumble

fi_movewhirl_g1.png Unraveling Assault

Deals physical damage to multiple targets. Repeats 3 times

fi_warflag_g1.png Battle Banner

Reduces movement speed and PVP damage when the flag is active



cbt_fi_powerslash_g1.png Body Smash

Deals physical damage to the target

Vision Stigma kn_godpunishment_g1.png Invigorating Strike

Deals physical damage and absorbs it as HP.

kn_skillreflector_g1.png Shield of Vengeance

Reflects 1 skill.

kn_standingshield_g1.png Eternal Denial

For a certain period of time significantly increases defences.
Drastically reduces movement speed



as_clearfocus_g1.png Scoundrel's Bond

A blow with a chance to attack from behind and drain HP

Vision Stigma

as_widenewblindingburst_g1.png Shimmerbomb

Blinds enemies around and reduces their Magical Acc

as_returnattack_g1.png" Fangdrop Stab

Returns to an enemies after saccessful evasion and deals damage

as_resignetassault_g1.png Explosive Rebranding

Detonates and carves runes on the target


Vision Stigma

ra_fasthide_g1.png Night Haze

Puts you into hide, available during battle

ra_heavysnipe_g1.png Ripthread Shot

Deals physical damage and stunes enemies

ra_shockwavetrap_g1.png Staggering Trap

A trap that instantly activates


Vision Stigma

wi_windsleep_g1.png Slumberswept Wind

Sleeps multiple enemies around you

wi_fireshield_g1.png Aetherblaze

Increases magic damage by 15% and decreases MP consumption by 20% for 15s.

wi_stonebarrier_g1.png Repulsion Field

Creates a protective barrier around the caster


Vision Stigma

EL_Order_Sacrifice_G1.png Command: Absorb Wounds

Spirit receives all the damage instead of you (Addition to the existing skill)

el_soulking_g1.png Spirit's Empowerment

Increases certain magic stats for a certain period of time
(However, when you summon a spirit effect of this buff disappears)

el_energysink_g1.png Blood Funnel

Damage dot, steals HP from multiple enemies


Vision Stigma

ch_physicalenhancement_g1.png Word of Instigation

Increases Magic Boost, Accuracy and Attack of party members around you for a certain amount of time

ch_tornado_g1.png Resonant Strike

Deals physical damage to multiple enemies

ch_brand_g1.png Debilitating Incantation

Lowers Accuraccy and Crit rate of multiple enemies around you


Vision Stigma

pr_keeplife_g1.png Restoration Relief

Gives a buff to players around that heals them once their HP drops below certain amount

pr_punishinglight_g1.png Judge's Edict

Reduces Magic Resist and Magic Suppression of a target

pr_provokeservent_g1.png Summon Vexing Energy

Summons a shield that take the aggro from 6 nearby enemies


Vision Stigma

gu_supportfire_g1.png Sequential Fire

Chargeable skill dealing damage to multiple targets

gu_pursuit_g1.png Pursuit Stance

Increases resistance to moving and speed restricting conditions for a certain period of time

gu_blindlyshot_g1.png Pulverizer Cannon

Repeatable skill dealing damage and stealing HP from multiple targets



ri_warningalarm_g1.png Mounting Frustration

Active skill, your attacks generate more enmity towards you

Vision Stigma

ri_eathiumcharge_g1.png Powerspike Trigger

Keeps restoring MP for a short period of time

ri_eathiumnet_g1.png Nerve Pulse

Deals damage to multiple targets and causes paralysis

ri_overloadexplosion_g1.png Explosive Exhaust

Broad rage chargeable damage



live_ba_songofdestroy_g1.png Combustible Cacophony

Deals fire damage to multiple targets in front of you

ba_songofwarmth_g1.png Joyous Carol

Increases maximum HP and Defences of all party members

Vision Stigma

ba_massdispel_g1.png Purging Paean

Removes debuffs from party members

ba_requiem_g1.png Blazing Requiem

Strong chargeable attack

ba_songofstatdownmsbr_g1.png Delusional Dirge

Decreases target's Attack and Magic Boost for a certain amount of time

Integrated Skills

1. Some skills of all classes have been consolidated.
- Some race-specific, inefficient, similar in effect skills have been integrated into one skill.


Integrated Skill


Deleted Skills


Sharp Strike

Skill is not longer a part of a chain, repeats 2 times.

Vicious Blow

Spite Strike

Cooldown reduced.

Vengeful Strike

Defence Preparation

Defences increased, Fear Resistance added.

Spin Block, Counterattack Preparation


Movement Speed reduction effect added.

Force Cleave, Force Cleave


Changed to automatic acquisition, PVP damage decreased, base damage increased.

Aion's Strength

Armour of Attrition

Regeneration increased.

Stamina Recovery

Piercing Rupture

Skills incorporated.

Piercing Wave, Force Blast, Shattering Wave

Pressure Wave

Cooldown reduced.

Shock Wave

Explosion of Rage

Race skills integrated.

Seething Explosion

Zikel's Threat

Race skills integrated.

Blessing of Nezekan


Incur Wrath

Add a chance for the target to aggro on you.

Threatening Taunt

Prayer of Resilience

You can now select the target of the skill.

Hand of Restoration, Roar of Encouragement

Holy Punishment

Damage increased, Cooldown reduced.

Punishment of Darkness, Punishment of Light, Righteous Punishment

Dazing Severe Blow

Damaged increased, Physical Def reduction effect added.

Provoking Severe Blow, Severe Blow, Blunting Severe Blow

Avenging Blow

Damaged increased, effect increasing Magic resist added.

Provoking Shield Counter

Dazing Severe Blow

This has been changed to a skill which you learn automatically. An effect has been added that has a certain probability of making your enemy's target into your own.

Cry of Ridicule

Holy Chastise

Race skills integrated.

Divine Chastisement, Chastisement of Darkness

Nezekan's Shield

Race skills integrated, Cooldown reduced.

Zikel's Shield


Lightning Slash

Magical Acc, Defence reduction effect added.

Agonizing Slash

Signet Silence

Race skills integrated.
Cooldown reduced, Attack speed reduction effect added.

Rune Swipe, Divine Rune, Radiant Rune, Darkness Rune

Rune Burst

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Needle Rune

Cyclone Slash

Can engrave a rune up to level 2 and has a set probability of turning an engraved rune into a level 5 rune.

Bursting Flame Strike

Apply Deadly Poison

Chance to poison the target has been added.

Apply Poison


Damage reduction removed, Cooldown reduced.

Shadow Rage


Crit Strike increasing effect added.

Clear Focus

Divine Strike

Damage Increased.

Strike of Darkness


Misery Shot

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Aerial Wild Shot

Skybound Trap

Incorporated with a similar skill.

Snare Trap

Shackle Arrow

Race skills integrated.

Shock Arrow

Holy Arrow

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Darkwing Arrow, Arrow of Virago

Blazing Trap

Damage Increased.

Destruction Trap, Explosion Trap

Poisoning Trap

Sandstorm Trap


Robe of Flame

Increased Natural Healing effect added.

Robe of Earth

Robe of Cold

Magic Suppression increasing effect added.

Wind Robes

Vaizel's Wisdom

This has been changed to a skill which you learn automatically. Consumes less MP.

Lumiel's Wisdom

Aetheric Spell

Race skills integrated.

Pandaemonium Focus

Lumiel's Lament

Race skills integrated, Cooldown reduced.

Lightburst, Shadowburst

Big Magma Eruption

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Lava Tempest, Lava Tsunami, Magma Eruption

Lumiel's Wrath

Race skills integrated, Cooldown reduced.

Kaisinel's Wrath


The setting whereby the Stamina Absorption skill and the cooldown time were split has been removed.



Command: Protection

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Spirit Substitution

Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I

Instead of increased damage against opposite race an Balaur overall damage increased.

Spirit Explosion

Healing Spirit

Cooldown reduced.

Spirit Recovery

Elemental Spirit Armour

Vitality increased.

Spirit Wall of Protection

Increased reflect damage from the fire buff.

Blessing of Fire


Cooldown reduced.

Absorb Vitality


Stamina Restoration

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Magic Veil

Divine Curtain

Changed to automatic acquisition, Cooldown reduced.

Curtain of Aether, Aetheric Field, Word of Spellstopping

Word of Protection

Changed to a Greater Stigma, stun resistant effect added.

Enhancement Mantra

Blessing of Rock

Maximum HP increasing effect added.

Eulogy of Life

Blessing of Stone

Maximum HP increase effect has been raised.

Inescapable Judgment

Race skills integrated.

Soul Strike

Hit Mantra

Changed to automatically learned skill.

Intensity Mantra

Promise of Earth

Additional damage effect added.

Promise of Wind

Spell of Ascension

Parry increasing effect has been added.

Focused Parry

Divine Protection

Race skills integrated.

Marchutan's Protection, Yustiel's Protection



Changed to automatic acquisition, Cooldown reduced.

Shatter Memory, Tranquillity

Sage's Wisdom

Changed to automatic acquisition, cast time/Cooldown reduced.
MP cosumption reduced

Grace of Empyrean Lord

Splendour of Recovery

Changed to automatic acquisition, amount of recovered HP increased, added a lasting healing effect.

Yustiel's Splendour, Marchutan's Splendour, Yustiel's Light, Marchutan's Light

Hand of Reincarnation

This has been changed to a skill which you receive automatically. The effect duration has been extended. The cooldown time has increased so the effect has also been increased, meaning not just your own character but a further target of your choice can also receive the effect.


Light of Rejuvenation

Can be used together with the skill "Word of Revival".

Light of Renewal

Festering Wound

Magic Resist reduction added.

Storm of Aion

Slashing Wind

The cooldown time split with the Hallowed Strike skill has been removed.

Earth Fury, Punishing Wind


Increased cooldown but applies to the whole party.

Dispel, Cure Mind

Brilliant Protection

Cooldown reduced, delayed resurrection buff added.

Might Enhancement

Resurrection Loci

The anti-soul sickness effect has been added.

Grace of Resurrection

Blessing of Rock

Maximum HP increasing effect added.

Blessing of Health


Integration of the race skill.

Pandaemonium's Protection



New skill increasing enmity added.

Inciting Wind

Mana Absorption

Cooldown reduced, Increased damage and MP regeneration.

Steal Magic

Surge of Glory

Cooldown reduced, Damage Increased.


Sea Variation

The attack speed is reflected on the accumulator and the casting time has been adjusted. The "magic suppression reduction" effect has been added and the cooldown time reduced.

Magic Disruption Tone

March of the Bees

Reduction of Magic Suppression has been added.

Removed Skills

1. Each class had some skills removed.
- Flight-only, low-level, insufficient skills.






Shield Counter, Shield Defence, Seismic Wave, Severe Blow, Ancestral Force Blast, Ancestral Piercing Wave, Leg Fetters, Improved Stamina, Precision Cut, Vicious Blow, Vengeful Strike, Spin Block, Counterattack Preparation, Force Cleave, Agile Cleave, Aion's Strength, Stamina Recovery, Piercing Wave, Force Blast, Shattering Wave, Shock Wave, Seething Explosion, Blessing of Nezekan



Steel Wall Defence, Shield Defence, Flight: Captivity, Shining Slash, Concentrated Divine Grasp, Ancestral Righteous Punishment, Ancestral Holy Punishment, Terrible Howl, Power of Restoration, Threatening Taunt, Hand of Restoration, Roar of Encouragement, Punishment of Darkness, Punishment of Light, Righteous Punishment, Provoking Severe Blow, Severe Blow, Blunting Severe Blow, Provoking Shield Counter, Cry of Ridicule, Divine Chastisement, Chastisement of Darkness, Zikel's Shield



Throw Dagger, Flying Dagger, Shadow Camouflage, Ancestral Radiant Rune, Ancestral Darkness Rune, Beastly Scar, Throw Shuriken, Explosive Burst, Agonizing Slash, Rune Swipe, Divine Rune, Radiant Rune, Darkness Rune, Needle Rune, Bursting Flame Strike, Apply Poison, Shadow Rage, Clear Focus, Strike of Darkness



Raid Arrow, Brightwing Arrow, Poison Arrow, Venomfinder Shot, Vaizel's Arrow, Screaming Rapid Fire, Arrow Flurry, Triniel's Arrow, Storm Mine, Ancestral Brightwing Arrow, Ancestral Darkwing Arrow, Call Gryphu, Sniper Stance, Keen Cleverness, Aerial Wild Shot, Snare Trap, Shock Arrow, Darkwing Arrow, Arrow of Virago, Destruction Trap, Explosion Trap, Mau Form (Elyos)



Wind Arrow, Flame Polearm, Sleep, Cometfall, Inferno, Ancestral Lava Tsunami, Ancestral Magma Eruption, Boon of Strength, Barrier of Severance, Remove Sleep State, Fire Burst, Robe of Earth, Robe of Wind, Lumiel's Wisdom, Pandaemonium Focus, Lightburst, Shadowburst, Lava Tempest, Lava Tsunami, Magma Eruption, Kaisinel's Wrath, Frostbite, Absorb Energy



Spirit Self Destruct, Strengthening Spirit: Blood Lust, Spirit Flow, Absorb Energy, Ancestral Spirit Self Destruct, Ancestral Spirit Flow, Hand of Torpor, Transference, Spirit Hypnosis, Spirit Substitution, Spirit Explosion, Spirit Recovery, Blessing of Fire, Vitality Absorption, Spirit Armour of Light, Spirit Armour of Darkness



Protection Mantra, Magic Mantra, Victory Mantra, Speed Energy, Light of Renewal, Confident Defence, Ancestral Aetheric Field, Ancestral Word of Spellstopping, Promise of Aether, Magic Recovery, Curtain of Aether, Word of Spellstopping, Enhancement Mantra, Eulogy of Life, Soul Strike, Intensity Mantra, Clement Mind Mantra, Promise of Wind, Focused Parry, Marchutan's Protection, Yustiel's Protection



Light of Resurrection, Thorny Skin, Promise of Wind, Ancestral Marchutan's Light, Ancestral Yustiel's Light, Shatter Memory, Tranquillity, Grace of Empyrean Lord, Yustiel's Splendour, Marchutan's Splendour, Yustiel's Light, Marchutan's Light, Rebirth, Light of Renewal, Storm of Aion, Earth Fury, Punishing Wind, Might Enhancement, Grace of Resurrection, Blessing of Health, Pandaemonium's Protection, Dispel, Cure Mind, Summer Circle, Winter Circle



Disrupted Bomb, Flight: Shot



Disrupter Bomb, Counter, Fist Blow, Successive Strike, Aerial Attack, Flight: Cannon Shot, Flight: Upkeep, Steal Magic



Binding Blast, Winged Melody, Echo of Elegance, Pure Echo, Magic Disruption Tone

Changed Skills

1. Settings of some skills have been changed.
- Skill settings like MP consumption, damage, cast time, cooldown have been changed.
- Some chain skills have been added/removed/changed.
- Some unusable during flight skills are not usable anywhere.
- Some skills that shared cooldowns with other skills have been separated.




[Body Smash] and [Lockdown] cooldowns separated


Cooldowns separated (Focused Shots, Bestial Fury etc.)


[Frost] and [Stamina Absorption] cooldowns separated


[Wilderness Rage] and [Fear] cooldowns separated

Stigma Changes

1. Stigma UI has been changed.
- Amount of Stigma slots has been reduced from 12 to 6.
- Stigma slots will open when you reach certain level as shown below.



4fbf7ff3aebcbfe20ba0fcad.png 1773261da4f0b76ff473e98f.png


Character Level


General Slot 1

Level 20

Finish Stigma Mission
(Elyos: A Sliver of Darkness, Asmodian: No Escaping Destiny

General Slot 2

Level 30

Automatically opens when you reach certain level

General Slot 3

Level 40

Greater Slot 1

Level 45

Greater Slot 2

Level 50

Superb Slot 1

Level 55

2. Changed conditions to equip certain stigmas.
- You can equip your stigmas by going to to a Stigma Master.
- Stigma Shards are no longer required to equip a stigma.
- Stigmas divided into different level stages have been consolidated into one stigma stone.</p>



Each level has it's own Stigma Stone Stigma levels applies automatically based on the character's level

3. The typy of the ‘Vision Stigma’ depands on the combination of all 6 equipped Stigmas.


4. Stigma Enchanting has been added.
- To enchant a stigma you must use a second copy of that stigma.
- Enchanting effect will only apply if you succeed, if you fail both Stigmas will be destroyed.
- Depending on the stigma, after a successful enchanting skill damage may increase, cooldown or MP consumption may reduce.
- Echantable Stigmas can be looted from monsters in certain areas and obtained in Lost Rentus Base, Lost Refuge, Tiamat's Hidden Space.


5. Existing stigmas were changed to 'Corrupted' Stigmas, equipping damaged stigmas is no possible
- After the update your character will receive the same amount of Stigma Bundles as you had stigmas before.
- Damaged Greater Stigmas can be exchanged for AP in major cities.

6. 'Limited' General, Greater and Superb Stigmas can be purchased from Stigma merchants in major cities.
- 'Limited' Stigmas are not enchatable.

7. Monsters no longer drop skillbooks and Stigma Shards.

Other Changes

1. Skill acquisition has been changed.




① Name of the skill depends on it's stage
e.g.) Smite VI

② Level of the skill increases with each character level
e.g.) Smite VI Lv9


① Stage is no longer being added

② Skill's Level depends on the character's level
e.g.) Smite Lv13

2. From now on all chargeable skills casting time is influenced by character's casting/attack speed.

3. A system message is going to be displayed when trying to use an unavailable skill.
- When you need a different weapon to use a skill or a distance to the target doesn't match the requirement a system message is going to be displayed.


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 1 - New World Update
A2303fe087884ae7bb12f2f7.png Environment A collapse of 3 zones revealed a new land.
Tiamat's homeland Signia · Vengar emerges.
46f408291320c5cd66132292.png Territorial Battle In Signia and Vengar players can find Territorial Battles. Occupying one will give your legion various benefits.
0604b2ed3623c03880930d9e.png Space-Time Rifts New Space-Time Rifts have been added.
Conqueror · Protector System connected to the Rift system has been introduced.
4bb0879ffb1dbce11be6028e.png Instanced Dungeons New instance has been added. 3 upgraded version of existing instances have been added.
0314cd044216119da13c467d.png Fortresses Because of the removed content siege time table has been adjusted.
C997ac2341ca54c5e4dc70f0.png Character Conqueror · Protector System has been added.
In addition from now on you will always be able to use skills when transformed after using special candies.
B454e9005034bba222e3b0f0.png Skill Changes Job-specific skills, consolidated and improved skills. Vision Stigma Skills have been added.
Race specific skills have been removed, skill chains have been reorganized.
F590504b277d8a3cfa51781c.png Stigma Stigmas can now be equipped without Stigma Shards.
Stigma Enchanting System has been added.
116bd0cb8cb99930306d24d2.png Item Purchasable supplements have been reorganized, new items for Insignia of Conquest have been added.
Dc361523833a16b17291df65.png UI Greater Stigma system has been reorganized.
Skill tooltips and Skill UI have been changed to a more intuitive ones.
3f910aa7fbb2590d4eb61adb.png Quest New area and instance quests have been added.
New Honour Points quests have been added.
C4e3ab63c1ed98b10c331038.png NPC Inggison · Gelkmaros monsters drop Insignia of Conquest from now on.
Signia and Vengar have been added to the Beritra's Invasion list.
C3372f394f938f47201e04e3.png Etc. Other changes.