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3a0e6384f01c03f7b0045b8d.jpg Who let the pets out? We did, with Aion: Assault on Balaurea.

The day when porguses can fly has come. Not only will these cute and cuddly creatures follow you in your adventures throughout Atreia, some have abilities to help ease your burdens.

Keep reading for more details on pet types and how to get one of your own.

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Pet System


When you take to flight, your pet will spread its wings and fly at your side.

Do I have to get a Pet?

Pets are not a necessity like armor or weapons; but they do offer a number of desirable functions and can add a bit of pizzazz to a player’s look.

Currently, the majority of pets are companions. They follow their master around looking cute and providing entertainment.

There are also several types of pets that provide specific functions. Fortune pets create items when you feed them, Signal pets sense an opponent’s presence and alert you to their approach, and Pack pets have their own inventory to provide additional storage.

Pet Types

Type Function
Companion A companion pet will be the cutest and most loyal friend you’ve ever had. They’ll follow you around endlessly with no complaints and you will never have to worry about cleaning up a mess.
Signal Signal pets alert you when a player of the opposing faction is approaching.

  • Signal pets will not alert you if the attacker is in Hide Mode.
Fortune Fortune pets love to eat junk! Better yet, they can transform your junk in to jewels, metals, dyes, and even weapons.
Pack Pack pets have their own Inventory and can store additional items for you. The pet’s inventory can be used at any time.
Looter Automatically loots defeated enemies.
Doping Automatically uses cooked items and scrolls.
Cheer Cheer pets will increase some of your stats as long as you feed them special items.
Merchant Merchant pets have the ability to sell junk items directly from your inventory.
Purebred A hard to acquire pet, Purebreds offer up to 3 functions.

Getting a Pet

Acquire Pet Egg → Adopt Pet

To get a pet of your own, you must first acquire a pet egg. You can purchase them in the store or in-game through the Pet Merchant. They can also be acquired from many events or through Quests and Veteran Rewards.

Pet Merchants











Buying a Pet Egg

Pets can be purchased with Kinah from Pet Merchants, who offer Companion, Pack, and Fortune pets. Your purchased egg will be placed in your Inventory.

  • To preview a pet, press <Ctrl + mouse click>

Pets are now offered as Daily Quest Rewards!

Special Reward Stewards belonging to each Daily Quest Organization also offer pets in exchange for Tokens.

※ Level 30 Daily Quests: Companion Pet

※ Level 40 Daily Quests: Pack Pet

※ Level 50 Daily Quests: Signal Pet


Pets sold through Merchants are categorized as [Companion/Pack/Fortune]

  • Token exchange vendors have also been introduced, so you can exchange Tokens between Daily Quest Organizations.

Adopting Your Pet

515dffa8b360f49df9e1049b.jpg 1. Drag the pet egg to this slot

2. Give your pet a name

3. Pet color choice is not currently available

4. Select a decoration for your pet

After you purchase your pet egg, you will need to visit a Pet Minder to Adopt your pet and hatch the egg. Place the pet egg in the Pet Adoption window, select the name and decor, and click Apply to get your pet.

  • Your pet’s name can be changed at any time from the Pet Window, but you cannot have two pets with the same name.

Pets that have been adopted will be registered in Pet List Window. In case you reach the maximum number of pets (100), you can choose to Surrender a pet at the Pet Minder.

Summoning Your Pet

To summon a desired pet, open the Pet List (Start Menu -> Pet List) and double-click the name of the pet. You can drag the Pet Icon to your Quickbar, for easy summoning.

• You can only summon one pet at a time

• If you are trying to summon a second pet, your existing pet will be dismissed automatically.


Double-click on a pet in your Pet List to summon it

Pet Management

You can either right-click on your pet or right-click on the pet’s target bar to open your Pet Window. The Pet Window displays your pet’s information and has a menu for management and feeding, depending on the pet type.


Right-click the pet, right-click the target bar; or use ’[’ as a
shortcut to open the Pet Window.



You can manage and feed pets in the Pet Window


Assign short-cuts for easy access

1. Dismiss your Pet

You can Dismiss your pet through the Pet window’s menu.

2. Change Name

Your pet’s name can be changed at any time from the Pet window’s menu.
  • After changing your pet’s name there is a 30 second delay before you can change it again.


Pet names can be changed as you wish

3. Praise Pet


Once you’ve completed the quest you can learn the Praise Pet Emote.

Praise your pet and it will respond with its own unique trick.


Express your love for your pet by completing this Quest

Feeding Fortune Pets

Fortune pets need to be fed and each type requires a specific type of food. If you feed them until they are full, they will produce a bundle item that is placed in your Inventory and can be opened to receive a gift.

To feed your pet, go to the Feeding tab in the Pet window and then drag the appropriate food to the food bowl slot.

Most pets will only eat a particular food type and once they are fully fed, they will need to wait a while before eating again.

Pets mainly eat junk items (that can be acquired during hunting), so it’s good to collect and hold on to them for a later feeding.


Miscellaneous items are used as pet food.


The Feeding tab allows you to see your pet’s
Current State, what type of food and treats they eat,
and even feed your pet


When full, pets must wait 10mins before eating again

Pack Pets - Inventory

This pet comes fully equipped with its own Inventory that can be opened through the Pet window. The number of spaces available depends on the pet type and you can use your pet's pouch anytime, anywhere.

NOTE: Pets share inventory with other pets of the same pack size. For example: All 12-slot pack pets will share all items stored in other 12-slot pack pets.

  • You can store untradeable items and quest items in your pet's pouch.

  • Make sure you don't forget about quest items, as they won't update in the Quest status this way.


When you summon a pack pet, a paw button
will appear in the inventory to open the pet's pouch.


Items that are untradeable can be stored in your pet's pouch.