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Kaisinel’s Teleport Statue in Sanctum

Teleport Objects are objects located throughout Atreia that teleport players from one destination to another. Some Teleport Objects, like the Teleport Statues found in capital cities, function much like Flight Transporters with instantaneous travel. However, other Teleport Objects can transport players to destinations that would be otherwise unreachable through standard travel.

Examples of teleport objects include Marchutan’s Teleport Statue and Kaisinel’s Teleport Statue, located in Pandaemonium and Sanctum respectively, which teleport players to the Convent of Marchutan and Cloister of Kaisinel where NPCs offer Skillbooks and Stigma for characters level 51+.

The Aerolinks in Pandaemonium and Sanctum are other examples of Teleport Objects. These Aerolinks transport players to Gelkmaros and Inggison, two zones in Balaurea where the Asmodians and Elyos have set up a base of operations.

Outside of the capital cities, Teleport Objects come in many different shapes and sizes. For example, the Rift Orb, which is located behind a Named Monster in the final room of Beshmundir Temple, teleports players to Stormwing, the final Named Monster of Beshmundir Temple.


The Aerolink at the Outer Dock of Sanctum

The Rift Orb which Leads to Stormwing


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