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Rifts are temporary portals that appear throughout Atreia, and transport players to the opposing race’s territory. Rifts appear as swirling vortexes, and can be found in a number of predetermined locations.

Rifts are most commonly used as an outlet for PvP, as transporting to the opposing race’s territory allows players to encounter and fight rival Daevas. However, Rifts can also be necessary for completing Spy Quests, procuring rare consumables and materials, or searching for Named Monsters.

Players can right click to enter a Rift, and a dialog box will appear. Hovering over the Rift will also display useful information about remaining usages and the time left until the Rift expires.

Be cautious when traveling through Rifts. In certain zones there may be a defensive buff in that will make it more difficult to defeat NPCs and players of the opposing faction.

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