Marchutan's Daevanion Weapon

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Daevanion Quest
Level 999 / Recommended 999
Number of Repeats:

  1. Talk with Fachmann.

  2. Obtain the Solidarity Engraving Pattern Materials and report back to Fachmann.

  3. Talk with Fachmann.

  4. Protect Valpura Heights in Levinshor. ([11]/60)

  5. Protect Molten Cliffs and Wealhtheow's Keep Ruins in Kaldor. ([14]/60)

  6. Protect Ruins of Roah in the Upper Abyss. ([17]/30)

  7. Protect Battlefield Leaders and defend the battleground. ([20]/1)

  8. Eliminate Dungeon Bosses and protect the instanced dungeon. ([23]/5)

  9. Talk with Fachmann.

  10. Talk with Skuldun.

  11. Report to Skuldun.

  12. Summary:
    At the request of Agent Skuldun, talk with Fachmann and craft a Daevanion weapon.