Beritra and Kahrun

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North Katalam
Level 999 / Recommended 999
  1. Talk to Tolkin in the Tainted Lands.

  2. Collect a Small amount of water and take it to Tolkin.

  3. Kill the Contaminated Kahrun Escort ([8]/4).

  4. Return to Tolkin in the Tainted Lands.

  5. Look for Jeminu in the Tainted Lands

  6. Read Kahrun's message.

  7. Talk to Theodrik in the Rubininerk Lumber Camp.

  8. Look for traces of the Body of a Beritra Soldier in the Western Sillus Mountains.

  9. Check to see whether Kahrun is in the Provisional Camp of the Beritra Army.

  10. Go to the Eremion North Gate where you will receive information from Otro.

  11. Go to the Eremion North Gate, where there are signs of a battle, and look for the Broken Sword.

  12. Talk to Niel. She is at the Eremion North Gate.

  13. Summary:
    Orders: Find the Kahrun Escort and examine the area.


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