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PVP Damage is an offensive attribute and affects a character’s ability to inflict damage with physical and magical attacks in PVP.

Every 100 PVP Damage increases the damage of the skill by about 10% of the base value (the value with 0 Magical/Physical Damage and 100 Knowledge/Power) and reduced by the PVP multiplier which is ~52%.

Ex. 1) Body Smash's base damage with 0 Physical Damage is 642. In PVP, this skill will deal 52% of that value, which is around 333.

With 100 PVP Damage, you should see 33 increase in damage.

With 1,000 PVP Damage, the result will be around 667.

Ex. 2) If you have 500 Magical/Physical Damage and 300 PVP Damage, the result in damage will be the same as if you had 800 Magical/Physical Damage and 0 PVP Damage, or 0 Magical/Physical Damage and 800 PVP Damage.

For Call Lightning, the final damage will be 5,578.

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