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Named Monsters are those with unique names that appear throughout the world of Atreia. You may stumble across one at random or be sent to seek one out as a part of a Quest. Often, the term Named Monster is abbreviated to just “Named” or “Named Mob”.

Most of the Named Monsters are boss level monsters and must be taken out by an organized group. On occasion, you may need to even band groups together and form an Alliance to conquer a powerful Named.


However, with great risk, comes the chance for great reward. Often, Named Monsters will drop Superior, Heroic, or Fabled items. But, they also have a chance of dropping nothing at all. May the luck of Aion be with you when the time comes!

Named Monster Locations (By Zone)

Click on any of the links below for a comprehensive list of the Named Monsters native to that Zone or Instanced Dungeon, then click on a specific monster for detailed information about their loot (as well as other pertinent information)!

Named Monsters (Classic)


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Characteristics of Monsters

All monsters in Aion can be classified as falling into one of three categories.

1. Livestock: Examples include the Qooqoo (akin to a chicken) or the Elroco (akin to a squirrel) that are common to beginner areas and throughout Atreia. These are of low level, are immensely weak, and don’t offer any EXP.

2. Non-Sentient Monsters: This includes Animals, Insects, Elementals and Spirit Monsters. These monsters are mostly characterized by their lack of speech. Examples include the Angolem, Sparkie, Arachna, and Air Spirit.

3. Sentient Monsters: Spirits, Balaur, and Humanoid races that have similar behavior to a Player and possess their own language. Examples of these include the Krall, Balaur, Kerubs, and Sorcerer Spirit.

Types of Named Monsters

With a few exceptions, Named monsters are all either non-sentient or sentient monsters, and can be divided into three distinct types.

1. Zone Boss Monster

2. Regular Named Monster

3. Quest Named Monster

Zone Boss Monster

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Poeta’s Zone Boss, Supervisor Duaguru

Eltnen’s Zone Boss, Grand Chieftain Saendukal

A Zone Boss Monster (also shortened to Zone Boss) is the monster that rules over an area, and is often encountered in the zone’s final campaign mission. Most Zone Bosses lie at the heart of the area where they dwell, forcing players to plow through hordes of subordinates in order to engage the Zone Boss.

Zone Bosses become increasingly more difficult as players rise in level. They are often tougher than they appear and may have others monsters guarding them; ready to come to their aid should they be attacked. The fight may be perilous, but the reward is worth the risk.

Regular Named Monster

Ae434773ad8f3a0126ada0da.jpg 111df445e682156da0f361c2.jpg

Chieftain Kumbaron, a Named Mau found in Altgard

Sawteeth Lehul, a Named Drake found in Morheim

Regular Named Monsters have increased attack and defense powers, as well as enhanced intelligence, making them difficult to defeat without the help of other players. Taking on a Named Monster solo within the beginner zones is possible, but in later zones you may find need of a friend to succeed.

Quest Named Monster

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Use the Incense at the Altar to spawn the Ancient Ginseng

The Ancient Ginseng only appears during the quest

Quest Named Monsters are those players encounter while on a quest or a campaign mission. They are the monsters that you summon by using quest items or spawn by satisfying certain conditions.

The rewards for defeating most Quest Named Monsters are more likely to be awarded indirectly. For example, players might be endowed with a title for defeating the monster, or offered clues about an upcoming story or plot. Most Quest Named Monsters will not offer a direct reward such as dropped armor, weapons, or loot, as Regular Named Monsters or Zone Bosses often do.

Named Monsters and Placeholders

You’ve been to the location where a Named Monster is supposed to be, but it’s not there!

Named Monsters spawn when a server comes online and continue spawning periodically from that point. However, some regular monsters also spawn periodically in their place and may need to be defeated before the Named Monster will spawn again. This is Aion’s way of preventing certain players from monopolizing Named Monsters.

Example scenarios:

  • Some normal monsters may be related to the spawning of a Named Monster, and only when the normal monster is defeated will the Named have a chance of spawning. These normal monsters do not necessarily spawn in the same place as the Named Monster.

  • Sometimes a Named Monster will appear in the place of a defeated normal monster. The monster that appears in place of a Named Monster is called a PH (Place Holder). Of course, not all Named Monsters have a PH. Please keep this in mind that the probability a PH will spawn differs according to the monster.

B75e9157c34bcf48d8ac8ebc.jpg 09083ef0bd03b5f4b0e726f4.jpg

In this case, when the Mine Mage is defeated...

Archmage Megran, a Named Monster, has a
chance to spawn afterward.

Also, due to the characteristics of Named Monsters, they do not always stay in one place after spawning. They could be found roaming around a certain area or spawn at various locations. Hence, these Named Monsters, also having a PH, are rare to be seen. Waiting in one location for one of these to re-spawn would not be a productive way to spend your time.

In order to hunt one of these Named Mobs, you must figure out what the PH is, defeat it, and then hope for the Named Mob to re-spawn. The probability for a Named to re-spawn varies and determining which monster is the PH is up to the player.

Named Monster Grades and Difficulty

Named Monsters are classified into 4 grades according to their difficulty level: Regular, Elite, Hero, and Legend

Regular Named Monsters can be defeated by one player, but for most Elite Monsters you will need a Group. Hero and Legend Named Monsters are even more difficult, most often requiring an Alliance to be defeated.

When engaging a Hero or Legend Grade Named Monster, all members of the Group or Alliance must understand the mechanics of the monster. You could find yourself quickly defeated if you don’t pay attention to the battlefield, support allies, and manage enmity. It’s also important to understand the Named Monster’s offensive and defensive skills.

The Grade of each monster is indicated in the Target Window.

Regular Grade


Queen Klawtaka, a Regular Named Monster

Regular Grade monsters are designed to be defeated by solo players. If a player is the same level as the monster, they should not have trouble defeating it.

Elite Grade


Kantu, an Elite Named Monster

Elite Grade monsters are designed to be defeated by small groups of players. With a little coordination, a full group of players should be able to engage and defeat 2-3 Elite Grade monsters at the same time.

Hero Grade


Andre, a Hero Grade Monster hailing from the deserts of Eltnen

A Hero Grade monster is designed to be defeated by a full group, and may sometimes require an Alliance.

Hero Grade monsters are frequently flanked by bodyguards (other monsters which protect them). When engaging a Hero Grade monster, it’s important to organize your attack by taking your surroundings into consideration, rather than just the difficulty of the specific Hero Grade monster.

Legend Grade


Raging Kraterr, a Legend Grade Monster that wields colossal power

Legend Grade monsters can only be defeated by an Alliance. Their power is nearly limitless, and can only be subverted by multiple groups of well-coordinated players.