Miscellaneous Items

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Icon Name Description
icon_cash_item_petadoption_01_u.png Pet Egg Pet Eggs. Visit a Pet Minder to Adopt your pet and hatch the egg.
icon_item_sack04.png Bundle Item Bundle items containing various objects.
icon_item_pattern_65deva06.png Quest Item Items used in various quests.
icon_cash_item_motion_customize_01.png Motion Card Manuals allow players to customize their default running, idle, jump, and rest animations.
icon_item_event_toy_robot_01.png Assembly-type Item Items you can combine.
icon_item_battery08.png Power Shard Power Shards temporarily increase the effectiveness of your weapons.
icon_item_exceed_tool_01.png Evolution Aid Evolution Aids. Used to be required to Evolve items.
icon_item_crystal.png Stigma Shard Stigma Shards. Used to required to equip Stigma Stones.
Crafting Tools Test crafting tools.

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