Magic Resist

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Also known as: Magic Resistance

Magic Resistance is a defensive attribute and affects a character’s ability to dodge or avoid incoming magical attacks or spells. Magic Resistance is similar to Evasion, however, it only affects the character’s ability to dodge or avoid magical attacks and spells. When a character resists a magical attack or spell, that attack will inflict no damage. The chance to resist magical attacks or spells increases based on the amount of Magic Resistance the character possesses.

Many classes benefit from Magic Resistance. Templars and Gladiators can make use of Magic Resistance when playing the role of tank or protector. Other classes, like Rangers and Assassins, can benefit from Magic Resistance, particularly in PvP combat, when attacked by foes who use magical attacks or spells.

A high Magic Resistance attribute is important for classes that receive magical damage or are often targeted with magical attacks or spells. However, most classes can benefit from more Magic Resistance, particularly in PvP combat.

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