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Also known as: Mana Points

MP, or Mana Points, is a numerical value that represents the amount of magical power a player possesses. Casting spells or using skills consumes a pre-defined amount of MP at a 1 to 1 ratio. When MP reaches 0, the player will no longer be able to cast spells or use skills that consume MP until their MP is restored. A player with more maximum MP will be able to cast more spells and use more skills before depleting their MP pool.

Players can increase their maximum MP by equipping weapons, armor, and accessories, or socketing Manastones that provide MP bonuses. In addition, maximum MP can be increased with consumables and certain spells and effects.

Players can restore lost MP with spells and effects, such as the Chanter’s Clement Mind Mantra. MP can also be restored with consumables such as Mana Potions.

Players will regenerate MP both in and out of combat, but when out of combat, players can restore MP at an accelerated rate by resting (type /rest in-game to rest, or hit the comma key [,] using the default key bindings).

The Will attribute, which is one of the six base attributes, affects a character’s maximum MP and the speed at which their MP regenerates. The Will attribute is assigned to characters based on their class, and cannot be increased or decreased at the current time.

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