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In the darkest reaches of Atreia you may wish to have the aid of your associates. Those who form Legions will know the full benefits of team work and survival, and will reap the rewards unavailable to those who wish to face these dangers alone.

Running a legion of any size is no easy task and there are many ways to go about leading those who choose to follow you. While there is no one way to prepare someone for this role, there are certain tools and services that groups of players utilize when forming legions- both within Aion and elsewhere on the internet.


The History of Legions

When the Empyrean Lords ascended, they announced that they would raise an army to fight the Balaur. This army came to be called the Legion, an unstoppable fighting force of hundreds.

The Legion’s numbers grew, and eventually it became the Sword Legion and the Shield Legion. Over time those divided into more and more Legions as the Millennium War dragged on.

Eventually, the Empyrean Lords sanctioned a ruling body, the Nobelium, to organize and govern the creation of Legions.

While the original and central purpose of Legions was to be large-scale fighting forces, over time, some Legions have come to resemble social clubs, where Daevas meet others of like mind and purpose, and others have become little more than craftsmen’s guilds. Some unofficial "Legions" even have more questionable aims such as theft or profiteering.

All Legions must meet three requirements to be sanctioned by Sanctum. Firstly, all members must swear an oath that they share a common cause. Secondly, they must have an approved Legion name. Thirdly, a small processing fee must be paid to the Legion Office. After that, the Legion is officially formed and can begin recruiting new members and enjoying all other benefits of Legionhood, including their emblematic cloaks.

The Legion Office classifies Legions into three ranks based on the number of Legionaries, their contributions to the war, and their monetary assets. Higher-ranked legions can purchase more supplies from Sanctum, including personal Kisks to help them do battle in the Abyss.

Famous Legions

The Storm Legion:

Led by Deltras, this Legion was the first to explore the Abyss, and the first to discover the Asmodians. Only a handful of men survived to tell the tale.

Nezekan’s Shield Legion:

One of the most decorated Legions in the Abyss War, they take their name from Lord Nezekan’s shield, Izith. Like Izith, they protect us from the threats of the Balaur and the Asmodians.

Western Army Legion:

This fearsome Legion is known as an unstoppable juggernaut in battle, plowing through their enemies as an axe through saplings. All their enemies tremble to hear their name.

Creating a Legion


To create a Legion, click the Legion Creation Officer inside Legion Administration Office located in each race’s capital, and select [Create Legion]. All it takes to start your very own Legion is the creation fee and a legion name.

When prompted, enter the desired Legion name. The name will be verified to check whether the same name exists for another Legion, and if so, the creation will be cancelled. Once the desired name is entered, click the confirm button.

If your chosen name is valid and not already taken, the Legion is established and you automatically become the Brigade General.

Legion Warehouse

51482dab02a5685b43df93ff.png The Legion warehouse serves as a universal bank for the Brigade General and any Centurions who are permitted to access it. It can be used for storage of any unrestricted item as well as kinah. If your Legion successfully captures or defends a fortress in their name, your Legion warehouse will automatically receive kinah in accordance to your victory.

When you first create a Legion, you are allotted 24 slots of Legion warehouse space. Upon reaching rank 2, you are granted another 8 slots for a total of 32. An Aadditional 8 warehouse slots are added for each Legion rank gained. Currently, the maximum Legion rank is rank 5, which allots a total of 56 warehouse slots.

Permissions Currently, everyone in the legion, except Volunteers, are allowed to deposit items in teh Legion Warehouse. Legionaries and up have the option to withdraw items from the Legion Warehouse, but only Deputy’s and up have permission to withdraw items usign the default Legion permissions. The Brigade General can choose whether or not they wish their Centurions and Legionaries to have the ability to withdraw items from the Legion Warehouse by accessing the Legion permissions menu.

Contribution Points


Contribution points are your Legions running grand total of abyss points. This number represents the contribution your Legion has made to the war in the Abyss. Your Legion must contribute at least 20,000 contribution points before you become eligible for rank 3. Contribution points increase as members of your Legion earn Abyss points and will never decrease, even if members lose or spend their personal abyss points. Contribution also determines your Legion’s standing among other Legions on the server, placing you in a ranked list among others.

Legion Rank

Legions in Aion can also level up. When you create your Legion, you begin at rank 1. Upon recruiting to 10 members, you may choose to upgrade your Legion to rank 2 for a fee of approximately 100,000 kinah. In order to reach rank 3, you must have at least 20 members and 20,000 contribution points. Once you do, a fee of approximately 1,000,000 kinah will be needed to upgrade to level 3. To reach rank 4, your Legion will need at least 30 members and a total of 100,000 or more contribution points. The fee for rank 4 is approximately 5,000,000 Kinah. If your Legion continues to expand and you find yourself needing more warehouse space or just a larger roster you should look into expanding to rank 5. To attain a rank 5 legion you will need over 40 member and over 500,000 contribution points. There is a hefty one time fee of approximately 25,000,000 Kinah to rank up to rank 5. Highest level right now is 8.

Legion level

Kinah Required

Members Required

AP Required

Maximum Members

Legion Warehouse

Level 1


1 person


30 people


Level 2


6 people


60 people


Level 3


6 people

More than 20,000

90 people


Level 4


6 people


120 people


Level 5


6 people


150 people


Level 6


6 people

More than 2,500,000

180 people


Level 7


6 people

More than 12.5 million

210 people


Level 8


6 people

More than 62.5 million

240 people




The Legion announcement is a message that all Legion members will receive each time they log in. You can change this message by opening up the Legion menu and pressing the Edit Announcement button. Many Legions choose to display Legion events, news, meeting times, voice chat information, or any other Legion business that needs to be communicated.


Brigade General
As the Brigade General of the Legion, you have complete control over all aspects of the Legion. You may also set the permissions for your Centurions and Legionaries.



As a Deputy, your permissions will depend greatly on what the Brigade General sets for you. By default you are allowed to Edit teh Legion Announcment, Access teh Legion Warehouse, Invite new people to the legion, and use Legion-controlled artifacts and gate restoration stones.

As a Centurion, your permissions depend greatly on what your Brigade General has set for you. Generally, Centurions have full access to the Legion warehouse, can activate Legion-controlled artifacts and gate restoration stones, and invite new members to the Legion.

As a Legionary, your permissions are very limited. There are only a couple of options the Brigade General may enable for you.

As a Volunteer, your permissions are limited to only the use of the Gate Guardian Stone. However, if your Brigade General allows it, you may also deposit items in the Legion Warehouse.

Legion Member Notes

As the Brigade General of a Legion, you can assign a nickname to each of your members. This can be utilized for any purpose you choose, and it will be visible to all within the Legion via the Legion User Interface. Some Brigade Generals use this option to designate a player’s alt character by “nicknaming” it with the name of the player’s main character.

Self Intro
Each member of a Legion may type a short self intro by accessing the Legion menu. This intro can be anything you like, but often times Legion members choose to put useful information here such as gathering/crafting levels and instances they are seeking groups for.

Legion Vendor

Once your Legion has reached rank 2, you will have access to the Legion Items vendor. Various goods become available for purchase and can only be purchased from this vendor. When you reach rank 3, a few more items will become available for purchase.


  • Items for sale
    • Legion Kisk
      • Variations of kisks can be purchased as well.
        • Tundra Legion Kisk
        • Marine Legion Kisk
        • Sandy Legion Kisk
        • Fiery Legion Kisk
        • Steppe Legion Kisk
  • Legion Shield
  • Insignia of Darkness Protection / Insignia of Light Protection
  • Small Multi-fire Cannon Rig
  • Medium Multi-fire Cannon Rig
  • Large Multi-fire Cannon Rig
  • Legion Hat (Available at Legion Rank 4)
  • Legion Uniform (Available at Legion Rank 4)
  • Elite Legion Uniform (Available at Legion Rank 5)



Customization Use Legion customization options, such as legion emblems and cape color, to distinguish your legion from others.

Legion Colors You may choose the color of your Legion’s cape to be any combination of the RGB (Red Green Blue) color scale.

Legion Emblem At rank 2 and above, you are able to choose a new Legion emblem from a selection of pre-designed logos. You may do so by visiting the Legion Emblem Manager in the Legion office in Sanctum or Pandaemonium.

Custom Legion Emblem Once you are rank 3, you have the option of uploading your custom Legion emblem. When choosing this option, you will receive a pop-up window listing the requirements for the file.


Your file must be:

  • 24bit .bmp or 32bit .tga
  • 256 x 256 pixels
  • Located in the main Aion folder on your computer


For advanced users, you can use alpha channels within your image software to add transparency to parts of your emblem.


Artifact Control

If your Legion successfully conquers a fortress, you will begin to gain the rewards associated with its capture. Conquering Legions will earn a certain amount of gold and silver medals as well as some kinah. More kinah will be added to your Legion warehouse as each vulnerability stage passes (whether your fortress goes vulnerable or not) when your Legion has control of the fortress.


Upon a successful defense, you will receive another silver and gold medal reward, so maintaining control of these key structures can be very beneficial!

Gate Restoration
If your Legion controls a fortress that is currently vulnerable, you will have the option of using the Gate Stone to repair a large chunk of damage that has been done to a fortress gate. By default, all Legion members can use this stone, but the Brigade General can choose to limit its use to only himself or Centurions. The Restoration Stone can be used once every 30 seconds at a cost of 5 Restoration Stones per use which can be purchased in Teminon or Primum landing.


To disband your Legion, click Legion Creation Officer NPC inside the Legion Administration Office in your race’s capital, and select <Disband Legion> among the NPC’s functions. Only the Brigade General can disband the Legion.

You may not disband a legion while items or kinah are still stored in the legion warehouse.