Abyss Gates

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Abyss Gates transport players to the Abyss, the shattered remnants of the Tower of Eternity. The Abyss is of high strategic importance in the battle between the Elyos, Asmodians, and Balaur. Before players can enter an Abyss Gate, they must complete a series of Quests that begin at level 25.

Once the prerequisite Quests have been completed, players can enter the Abyss through any of several Abyss Gates located in their territory. In Elysea, players will find Abyss Gates at Verteron Citadel, Eltnen Fortress, and New Heiron Gate. In Asmodae, players will find Abyss Gates at Altgard Fortress, Morheim Ice Fortress, and Beluslan Fortress.