KR - Update February 11th 2015

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Rift Defence Quests can be accepted regardless of the Rift being open

2. Random exit points from Rifts

3. Character Deletion reduced to 5min waiting time


1. Rift defence quests will now be automatically acquired when you enter the area.
- Reset every day but Wednesday.

Elyos Quests

Area Quest Name Min

XP 50,007

Bundle of Ancient Crowns
Elysea Defence Medal Bundle


XP 291,412

Bundle of Ancient Crowns
Elysea Defence Medal Bundle


XP 2,546,935

Bundle of Ancient Crowns
Elysea Defence Medal Bundle

Asmodian Quests

Area Quest Name Min

XP 50,007

Bundle of Ancient Crowns
Asmodae Defence Medal Bundle


XP 291,412

Bundle of Ancient Crowns
Asmodae Defence Medal Bundle


XP 2,546,935

Bundle of Ancient Crowns
Asmodae Defence Medal Bundle


1. Fixed issue with Asmodian characters in Gelkmaros not being able to use Offerings of Conquest-related objects.


1. Exit points from Eltnen, Morheim, Heiron, Beluslan Rifts are going to be random from now on.


1. When you accept a new quest/mission ‘★New’ will appear next to it in the quest panel.

2. ‘★New’ is going to be displayed next to the name of a new server.

3. Quest marks from easily distinguishable targets have been removed.


1. Terrain issues in Haramel have been fixed.

2. Terrain issues in Heiron have been fixed.


1. Deleting a character always requires 5min waiting time from now on.

Character Level Before After
Level 45 and below 5min 5min
Level 46 and higher 7 Days

Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 1 - New World Update
Guide New World To-Do-List
Siege Changes
Character Skill Renewal
Stigma Renewal

Gladiator Skill Renewal
Templar Skill Renewal
Ranger Skill Renewal
Assassin Skill Renewal
Sorcerer Skill Renewal
Spiritmaster Skill Renewal
Cleric Skill Renewal
Chanter Skill Renewal
Gunner Skill Renewal
Aethertech Skill Renewal
Bard Skill Renewal
Areas New Regions
Signia l Vengar

Space-time Content
Space-Time Rifts
Chaos Rifts
Conqueror · Protector System
Changes to Existing Areas
Gelkmaros l Inggison

Other Information
Offerings of Conquest
Main NPC Changes
Instanced Dungeons Changes to Instance Entrances

New Instances
[65] Makarna
[65] Territorial Battle

Hard Mode Instances
[65] Lost Rentus Base
[65] Lost Refuge
[65] Tiamat's Hidden Space
Renewed Instances
[65] Sealed Hall of Knowledge
[63] Rune Tribe Refuge
[63] Jormungand's Bridge
[60] Tiamat's Hideout
[60] Mantor
[57] Rentus Base
[57] Tiamat's Fortress
[55] Aturam Sky Fortress
Item Dragon Lord Beritra's Set
Mighty Balaur's Set
55th Brigade General Set
Honourable Conquest Set
Improved Dragon Lord's Twisted Weapons
Enhanced Deformed Catalium Weapons
Deep Sea Set
Marine Set
Lord Beritra's Set
Darkness Set
55th Soldier's Set
Revived Land's Set
Elyos Legionary's Premium Set
Asmodian Legionary's Premium Set
New Wings
New Mounts
Organization System Organization System Renewal

Elyos Organizations
Alabaster Order
Radiant Ops
Token Conversion

Asmodian Organizations
Field Wardens
Blood Crusade
Charlirunerk's Daemons
Token Conversion
Etc. Existing Content
Beritra's Invasion
Additional Updates
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