Glorious Medal are given to Daevas who have earned enough Glory Points.

Carrying such a medal will earn you great favor around here.

Have you earned one, [%username]?

"Here's what I have."

Hmm, yes... Glorious Medal Rank 3....

Oh, Rank 3! Well done, Daeva!

Let's see, I have the Rank 3 reward around here somewhere....

"I would hope so."

Keep climbing the ranks, [%username]!

One day you'll bring me the highest ranked medal, I know you will.

This is your reward, [%username]. I hope you like it.

(Click Reward in the quest window to report the mission results.)

(Click OK to obtain the reward.)


Meridune explained that Asmodae will offer rewards to Daevas who distinguish themselves with Glory Points. Bring Meridune a Glorious Medal to collect your reward.

You showed Meridune your Glorious Medal and received a reward.