[%username], you followed my clues!

I was guarding the Reaper Outpost, as usual, when I saw a huge force of Indratu legionnaires moving together.

The Indratu Legion always travel in small groups, so I followed them.

"Good thinking."

I followed them into the Kralltumagna Cave.

I couldn’t have made it without Bartyn, but we still haven’t figured out what the Indratu Legion is doing here.

"Take a look at this."

Hmmm. According to this document, the pillar of blue light I saw before coming into the cave was an Aether Transmitter.

We don’t have much time, if the Aether Transmitter has been already activated. Let's hurry into the Indratu Fortress.

If we move quietly along the wall, we should be able to get in the fortress without being caught.

"Sounds completely safe."

[%username]! I've been waiting for you.

You made it. You captured the Indratu Fortress!

"I sure did."

The Indratu Legion won't be pleased with losing their brigade general. We should get out of here quickly.

Make sure to report back to Perento in the Heiron Fortress.


You read the translated Kunpapa document, which led you to your next location. Once there, you followed some clues deep into the Kralltumagna Cave.

The clues led you to Roye, who had followed some suspicious Indratu legionnaires into the cave. When you showed her the translated Kunpapa document, she said you should hurry into the Indratu Fortress.

You defeated Brigade General Indratu within the Fortress, and destroyed the Abyss Gate.