[%username], I remembered the Daeva who speaks Balaur! It was driving me crazy, so I asked Soul Healer Janne, and she remembered because her cousin's nephew was his--you know, nevermind, it's not important.

His name is Lamidros. He's not only fluent in Balaur, he's master of disguise! Janne said he's in Monitor Farm, on a mission.

Here's the Kunpapa Document back. Take it to Lamidros!

"On my way."


...What was with that glare?!

I thought you were going to hit me.

"Can you read this?"

Aha! Yes, I’m a master of the Balaur language. You know, you should learn it in your spare time. It's really quite fascinating, and very helpful!

...And it makes me feel popular, I won't lie.

You’re lucky! The guard is down, I can translate this right now.

"I'll wait."

Wow, [%username]! Where did you get this document?

If what this says is true, we’re running out of time.

The Balaur are planning to use the power of Aether to open the Abyss Gate once again.

"I'm listening."

I’ll go report this to the Reaper Outpost. [%username], you go to the place mentioned in the document.

I wish you good luck.


Javlantia remembered the name of the Daeva who is fluent in Balaur.

You went to Lamidros and asked him to translate Kunpapa Document.

Lamidros, after reading the document, said he’d go to report to the Reaper Outpost and that you should go to the place mentioned in the document.