- Operation Order -

From: Radiant Ops

To: [%username]

The Reshanta Branch of the Radiant Ops declares war against the vile Asmodians in Enshar. Time nor place matter, our blades will destroy the enemy.

Therefore, we are issuing the following order to be carried out with utmost urgency.

-Infiltrate Enshar and carefully locate the Asmodians.

-If you see Asmodians, you will try to kill 5 of them by any means possible.

-However, don't sully the reputation of the Radiant Ops by killing enemies with mediocre combat power.

-Report to Niman once you confirm that the enemies have lost their will to fight.

May fortune and light be with all Radiant Ops agents in battle!

"For the glory of Sanctum!"

Oh good, [%username], I've been wanting to hear your report.

How many enemies did you take down today?

I know you are showing the Asmodians the true wrath of the Radiant Ops.

"Those were the orders."

Thank you for successfully completing this mission, [%username].

Take this reward from the Radiant Ops.

For the glory of Sanctum!


The Radiant Ops issued a daily order to infiltrate Enshar and eliminate the Asmodians.

You completed the mission and received a reward from Agent Niman.