Good, good. You're back.

I've got a job for you.

"Would it kill you to ask?"

Daevas keep falling prey to poisonous insect attacks in Silentera Canyon, much like the ones in the Toxic Caverns beneath the Udas Temple.

At this rate, I'll have to start turning away the freshly wounded.

"How awful!"


It's better to solve this problem at its source, rather than rely on my ever-dwindling antidote supply.

[%username], will you take care of this?

Accept. Decline.

You need to eliminate the swarms of Stinging Sheluks, Brown Arachnas, and Blackclaw Scolopens in the canyon.

Yes, yes. Asmodians access the corridor too. I know that. You clearly know that. So just be careful.

Why can't these poisonous insects just attack the Asmodians?

"Because we're blessed enough to handle this."

"It was my first year in Inggison when I discovered the virulent poisons that plagued--wracked?--the land."

Oh, that's good. My speech will be the best one ever.

"I got your swarms. Creepy, but easy."

Were they really that easy to dispose of?

If those poisonous insects were so easy to kill, you'd think other Daevas wouldn't return from Silentera Canyon poisoned. Either you're the paragon of the [%userclass]s, or there's something else going on here.

Anyway, thank you for doing this for me.


Steurios said poisoned Daevas emerged continuously from Silentera Canyon, and he asked you to eliminate the insects causing the problem.

You dealt with the swarms and told Steurios they were easy prey. He found that suspicious and said he'd look into it further.