It’s so nice to meet you, [%username].

Currently in Norsvold, the Archon’s Shadow Legion is committing all its efforts to defending the land and restoring the Aetheric Field under the protection of Empyrean Lord Aspel.

We’re desperately in need of assistance from capable Daevas.

I hope you could go to Norsvold and aid in the efforts of the Archon’s Shadow Legion.

Use the corridor here to head over to Azphel's Sanctuary and meet with Corto.

End dialog.

Oh, if it isn’t [%username]?

It’s been so long. I’m so glad to see you again.

I heard at the Returned Daeva's Sanctuary that an accomplished Daeva will come, and they were right!

The Brigade General is waiting. Hurry and report to (Deleted field) Reinhardt right now.

End dialog.

[%username], I’m glad to see you here.

I was worried that something bad might have happened to you because it’s been a while.

If you leave the Tempere Shrine, it’s anything but safe out there.

Either way, I’m glad you came running and promised to help. I feel much better now.


I know it’s not your first time in Norsvold, but please be careful anyway.

But as strange phenomena are being detected around the Tempere Shrine, I’ve been reminding Daevas to be cautious at all times during missions.

So you should be careful as well, [%username]. I look forward to seeing your brilliant exploits.


Melania introduced you to Dispatch Instructor Vioris, who recommended you go to Norsvold and lend assistance.

When you arrived at the Aspel’s Tempere Shrine, Conrto sent you to see Brigade General Reinhard of the Archon’s Shadow Legion, who looked forward to your exploits in Norsvold.