Something new is happening... I can feel it in the air.

Do you have something to report, Daeva?

"I have a report to report, in fact."

We're preparing a number of defense strategies based on the information you brought us. According to the report, this place seems to be their primary target.

I've sent the information on ahead to the other bases too, just in case. I don't know if it has reached them.

Please spread the word wherever you can, Daeva. Beritra's army plans to strike us directly.

"I will."

[%username]. You've done a great job around here.

Well done.

Take this, along with my thanks.


After noticing suspicious activity at the enemy camp, Proqura asked you to find any information you could and bring it to Cenute.

You found a Drill Performance Report that indicated Beritra's intention to attack the base, and were able to warn Cenute in time.