Brigade General of the [%userguildname] Legion, it is you--I've been awaiting your arrival. We need your expertise and some items you may have.

You do have the Anoha Sealing Stone and Anoha's Blade Fragment, yes?

They are Danuar relics, and their history is as storied as the legends of Wealhtheow's Keep itself. Are you familiar?

"Tell me more."

This fortress once belonged to the ancient Danuar people. Nearby in Anoha's Binding, where their vestiges are surprisingly well preserved, we found an ancient relic... a blade.

It's Anoha's Sword, lodged in the fiery ground. Time and turmoil have worn its surface to the point of almost crumbling, but it's still a massive weapon with ancient, spine-chilling power.

Anoha was the commander of the Danuar fortress when the Kaldor explosion occurred. And from what we know, he's largely responsible for the demise of his people.

We can sense a dangerous, terrible malice sealed inside, lingering in the power of that sword.


This isn't just storytime here, Daeva. It does involve you. The same power emanates from Anoha's Sword and the Anoha Sealing Stone, and you have one of them.

We know they are closely linked... they're in a powerful resonance with each other.

I believe the Anoha Sealing Stone holds the power to release the seal on Anoha's Sword.

We must release Anoha from his prison and put his soul to rest. If we don't, the malice within the sword will only multiply and spread, corrupting everything it touches.

Accept. Decline.

If Anoha's Sword, the medium of the seal, is destroyed before the seal is released, there will be no way to stop the malice from spreading.

We must handle this mission with care. Use your Anoha Sealing Stone on Anoha's Sword to release the seal in a proper manner.

His spirit will then appear, and you must destroy it to release the terrible anger within. Only then can Anoha's spirit find eternal rest.

Show the being Anoha's Blade Fragment that fell away from Anoha's Sword and it may bring the spirit peace.

"The task is mine."

My power, my rage, my purpose... it is gone. You've taken it from me!

How? How could a mere mortal disrupt my spirit so?

"I'm no mere mortal. Is this yours?"

The blade... it is broken. I sense its deep, tragic sorrow.

Is it... mine? It must be. How foolish... to believe one sword could carry an entire people.

It is shattered, a mirror of my past. Of our past.

It must be my time to rest... to let go.

"Find your peace."

[%username]! I've been anxiously waiting.

Did you release the seal? I hope the sword didn't break!

Tell me how it went.

"It wasn't exactly what we expected..."

I can only imagine the depth of rage that would make his spirit so aggressive.

He must have found peace though. I can already sense the change.

All of Kaldor is indebted to you for your loyalty. Take what I can give you.


Fortress Chief of Staff Salonte told you of Anoha's Sword, a Danuar relic sealed with immense power and terrible malice.

She explained that the Anoha Sealing Stone you found is actually the key to release the seal on the relic, thereby releasing the spirit within.

The deep resentment trapped inside had turned Anoha's soul into a very aggressive spirit. You defeated the spirit, showed his soul the fragment of his blade, and brought him to understand that his soul can now rest in peace.