Ereshkigal was resurrected stronger than we thought. Our first attack failed, but at least the path to the Eye of Reshanta is now open. We must gain a foothold in the Eye of Reshanta before the Balaur time to rebuild the seal!

This time we'll take more troops and Daevas, and fight until Ereshkigal finally falls.

[%username], I hope you will help us get rid of this danger once and for all.

"I'm in."

I'm glad to hear it!

The legion for the second attack is already assembled and awaiting my signal. They are led by Bastiel, the Captain who survived the Bastion of Souls.

Go find Bastikan, join the legion and lead the second attack to victory!

"Blood for blood!"

Everyone at Reshanta and Atreia is very interested in the Third Dragon Lord.

We've received word that Ereshkigal, who was resurrected via cruel and vile magic, is currently at the Divine Fortress in the Eye of Reshanta doing much the same to the dead Balaur soldiers.

We need to leave as soon as possible, take the Divine Fortress and defeat Ereshkigal!

"I'll help however I can!"

I feel much better with you at my side, [%username]. This mission needs to be successful. Ereshkigal will pay for taking my soldiers and my son from me.

The time has come for the attack. No more hesitation. Use the boarding device at Redemption Landing to get aboard the frigate for Frozen Monolith.

The battle won't be easy, so make sure to take some friends. I'll see you on the battlefield.

"Blood for blood!"

[%username]! Thanks to you I made it back safe. Once again, I am in your debt.

If it wasn't for you, [%username], and your friends destroying the Frozen Monolith, we would not have made it out alive.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you.

"Don't worry about it."

I sent a report to Pontekane about the second attack and the Frozen Monolith. He will be surprised to hear of all your heroic feats, [%username].

Pontekane is asking for you. Go talk to him.

I will get the Asmodian Alliance ready for another attack on the Balaur while they are still recuperating.

"I'm on my way."

Ah, [%username]! I have been briefed by Bastikan.

You have performed admirably in the Frozen Monolith.

"Thank you."

You've done well.

Even though the activation of the Frozen Monolith led to a failed second attack, we were able to destroy it thanks to your bravery. We are now one step closer towards taking the Eye of Reshanta. I am seizing the opportunity and preparing for a third attack.

You look tired. You should get some rest.


Brigade General Pontekane wants to prepare for a second attack. He asked you to join the Asmodian Alliance, so you met with Bastikan, but the alliance was separated by the Frozen Monolith.

You and your comrades managed to defeat Brigade General Nergal and destroy the Frozen Monolith. You successfully rescued Bastikan and the alliance. When you returned to Harbinger's Landing and spoke to Bastikan, he thanked you for helping him escape such a dangerous situation.

You spoke to Brigade General Pontekane again, who said that even though the second attack may have failed, the destruction of the Frozen Monolith puts them one step closer to victory. He told you to go sleep while he prepares for a third attack.