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Returning Daeva's Guide
6afccbf98d550d8a21be3d7e.png Returning Daeva's Sanctuary Place only for Returning Daevas.
Various features and benefits await you inside.
B849c45fb72b1bd4cb492653.png Abbey Return Stone (30 days) The key to the Returning Deava's Sanctuary.
You can get special buffs while in possession of this item.
Bcf6917c7647a5044d8e930f.png Returning Daeva's Support Equipment New equipment to support all Returning Daevas.
Equipment items are divined between those for levels 46 and higher and 55 and higher.
B9c202e2fecdb83f44d939da.png Returning Daeva's Support Quests Returning Daevas can complete special quests.
Go back to he Sanctuary and start doing quests in your level range.
91d9c3b17b2217e7ed7f9e66.png Returning Daeva's Support Key Instance Key for the returning players.
Open support boxes in instances to obtain special rewards.