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Solo dungeon composed of 24 floors. Clearing one floor will allow you to move to the next one.

You will be rewarded for finishing each layer.

Background Story

After the devastating invasion of the Dredgion, Marchutan and Kaisinel realized that current training was not sufficient to prepare the Daevas for new dangers and challenges. They created the Tower of Challenge, where Daevas must face illusion enemies of increasing difficulty. Across all Atreia, heroes were sought for who could master the tower to then rightfully earn their places at the side of the lords.

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Entrance to the Tower of Challenge is located in Kaisinel Academy/Marchutan Priory lobby between the Arena of Discipline and Arena of Cooperation doors.

- Players: Solo

- Entry Level: Level 76 and higher

- Entries: 3 entries a week (Resets every Wednesday at 9:00)

How to Proceed


- The Tower of Challenge is composed of 24 layers, clearing one floor will allow you to move to the next one. You will have 20min to finish this instance.

- You will be rewarded for finishing each layer.

- If you leave the instance, you will not be able to resume your progress.


Tower of Challenge
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Main information about the instance.
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Check what items you can find in the Tower of Challenge.
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Information on available quests.

5.6 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Dungeons Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (Group Battles)


Tower of Challenge


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