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Rank Compensation: Icy Orb of Memory

The final score is calculated once you have killed the final boss and depends on the points achieved and time remaining.

Depending on the final rank, you will receive a certain number of Icy Orb of Memory.

■ Rank Compensation

Rank Required Points Remaining Time Compensation
S 23,550 or more Over 20min Frozen Marble of Memory x5
A 21,200 or more Over 18min Frozen Marble of Memory x4
B 17,700 or more Over 16min Frozen Marble of Memory x3
C 14,100 or more Over 10min Frozen Marble of Memory x2
D 9,400 or more Over 1min Frozen Marble of Memory x1
F - - None


Ranking Window


The final score depends on the points and remaining time

■ Exchange Items

Item name Price (Number) Explanation
Fissure of Oblivion Bonus Entry Scroll 12 Increases number of entries to the Oblivion Rift. Available once a day.
Ancient Goblet Bundle 6 Contains one Ancient Goblet
Ample Ancient Goblet Bundle 30 Contains five Ancient Goblets
Wings of Oblivion 70 Mythical Wings
[Title] Long History 120 Adds a title (Strength +3, Speed +3%, Atk Speed +3%)
[Title] Complicated History 120 Adds a title (Knowledge +3, Speed +3%, Casting Speed +3%)


Exchange NPC is located in front of the instance entrance


Oblivion Wings


Rift of Oblivion
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Main information about the instance.
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Check what items you can find in the Rift of Oblivion.
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Information on available quests.