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<p align="center">'''Legendary / Ultimate PVE Weapons'''</p>
'''Legendary / Ultimate PVE Weapons'''
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Raging Anomos, Ereshkigal's reconnaissance captain in Lakrum!

Scount near the Lakrum Fortress and stop him from collecting information.

Anomos Appeared

The following message will appear in the center of your screen when Raging Anomos appears.

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Raging Anomos will appear randomly at one of two possible paths.

Since it's a moving monster, check the area carefully.

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Raging Anomos will appear again 72~84h after being killed.

It's mainly going to appear around 19:00 ~ 22:00.

Raid Compensation

There are two types of rewards players can obtain from the Raging Anomos.

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One type is for the players that contributed the most to kill Anomos.

The other are Ultimate Alcemium Box that appear near the body.

Kill Rewards

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After killing Anomos, players can acquire various items such as Legendary / Ultimate Weapons.

Rewards can be distributed among players in the Alliance with the highest contribution according to the looting settings.

Reward Quantity
PVE Weapons Legendary Anomos Set 1
Ultimate Anomos Set
A-Class Minion Contract Modor Minion Contract 1
Sheba Minion Contract
Viola Minion Contract
Kromede Minion Contract
Hyperion Minion Contract
Ultimate Kibrium 15
Stigma Enchantment Stone 5
Anomos' Manastone Bundle 20
Golden Cubicle Bundle 10

The Ultimate PVE Weapons from this boss are extendable.

Legendary / Ultimate PVE Weapons

Legendary Anomos Weapons Ultimate Anomos Weapons
Legendary Anomos' Sword Ultimate Anomos' Sword (expanded)
Legendary Anomos' Mace Ultimate Anomos' Mace (expanded)
Legendary Anomos' Dagger Ultimate Anomos' Dagger (expanded)
Legendary Anomos' Orb Ultimate Anomos' Orb
Legendary Anomos' Spellbook Ultimate Anomos' Spellbook
Legendary Anomos' Greatsword Ultimate Anomos' Greatsword (expanded)
Legendary Anomos' Polearm Ultimate Anomos' Polearm (expanded)
Legendary Anomos' Staff Ultimate Anomos' Staff (expanded)
Legendary Anomos' Bow Ultimate Anomos' Bow
Legendary Anomos' Pistol Ultimate Anomos' Pistol
Legendary Anomos' Aethercannon Ultimate Anomos' Aethercannon
Legendary Anomos' Harp Ultimate Anomos' Harp
Legendary Anomos' Cipher-Blade Ultimate Anomos' Cipher-Blade

Participation Reward

After killing Anomos, multiple Ultimate Alcemium Box will appear near the body.

Regardless of the contribution, you have the right to open the boxes and loot the items inside.

Ver14 10.jpg

Reward Quantity
Ultimate Kibrium 0 ~ 10

The number of Ultimate Kibrium from a box is random.

there is a low possibility that the box will not contain any items.