Unstable Artifact of Knowledge

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Artifacts of Eternity
Level 999 / Recommended 999
Number of Repeats:
  1. Talk with Agent Viola at the Assembly Area.

  2. Go to Library of Insight at the center of the Trials of Eternity.

  3. Defeat Peregrine's Royal Guard Captain Gampt.

  4. Follow the disappearing Gampt.

  5. Follow Gampt who is heading for the Court of Wisdom.

  6. Defeat the Guardian Shardgolem and follow Gampt who disappeared through Ganesh's Gateway.

  7. Subjugate the Artifact Protector Ganesh.

  8. Go to Library of Insight.

  9. Defeat Gampt and Zarik who are protecting the Agent.

    Gampt ([29]/1)

    Zarik ([32]/1)

  10. Guard Agent Viola from the Netherworld creature.

  11. Defeat the dimensional monster Boliag.

  12. Terminate the Boliag's Tentacles.

  13. Enter the Heart of Boliag and destroy Boliag's Heart.

  14. Defeat the dimensional monster Boliag. ([47]/1)

  15. Press Reward in the Quest window or report to Agent Viola at Library of Insight.

  16. Summary:
    Find the artifact core at the center of the Trials of Eternity.