Prometun's Workshop

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Prometon 01a.png


- Available for levels 80
- Available 4 times a week (Wed 9:00)


- Elite and boss monsters


- Ultimate Armor, Wings, Bracelets, Feathers

- Legendary Armor, Wings, Bracelets, Feathers

- Ancient Armor, Wings, Bracelets, Feathers




- Available 3 times a week (Wed 9:00)


Ancient and Legendary Armor, Feather Accessory/Ultimate Pauldrons, Gloves/Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone, Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone

Background Story

Ereshkigal, with the help of her legion of Lakrum renegades, occupied Prometun’s Workshop to build a weapon to allow her to go up against Fregion. Brigade General Prigga had taken the smith Prometun hostage and was trying to produce a weapon for Ereshkigal from Rim Ore, which Prigga had plundered from Lakrum. The tasks of the Daeva is to free the Jotun from the clutches of the Prigga Legion and to recapture the workshop.


The main entrance is located in the center of Lakrum, just a bit north from the 126th Base.

Also, every time you take a garrison, there is a certain chance a portal will appear nearby.

Prometon entrance2.png

Main entrance located in the center of Lakrum

Prometon entrance1.png

Additional entrance may appear near a taken base


Prometun's Workshop
Prometon main.png


Main information about the instance.
Prometon npc.png


List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
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Check what items you can find in the Prometun's Workshop.
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Information on available quests.