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The Priest is arguably the backbone of any successful group. Their ability to keep allies alive even in the direst of circumstances cannot be underestimated, and Priests can be absolutely vital in ensuring groups survive against the most pressing challenges in Atreia. Who would go into battle without a trustworthy Priest by their side?

Dying comrades can be brought to full health in a heartbeat, and deadly poisons cured just as they were about to snatch their victims away from their friends and family... all accomplished by the fair hand of a kind and benevolent Priest. Fe90bbe2a4921c8e45825767.png

Priest Characteristics

 Basic Attributes  Power 95 / Health 95 / Agility 100 / Accuracy 100 / Knowledge 100 / Will 110
 Available Weapons  Mace
 Available Armor  Cloth / Leather
 Available Subclasses  Cleric / Chanter

Priest Career Paths

Once Priests have mastered the fundamentals of their class, they choose from one of two subclasses: Chanter or Cleric. Priests that chose the path of the Chanter become deft at both melee combat and ranged spellcasting while using other powers to buff their comrades. Priests who choose the path of the Cleric focus on incantations that keep their friends alive with a wealth of healing spells and cures that remove disabling conditions.


A6eb1fbb4595320914d336c8.png At level 9, Priests will receive their Ascension quest automatically. This Campaign quest will lead you to become either a Chanter or a Cleric. Once ascended your base attributes will change slightly and you will gain your new gathering abilities.