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Conquer the New World!

In the New World Update 3 continents collapsed revealing a new land, Signia and Vengar.

New areas introduced number of large scale battles, new PVP content, new instances and the Stigma system has been completely revamped.

Here you will read all you need to know about the New World Update.

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Move to Signia · Vengar

Characters that were in Tiamaranta, Sarpan or Katalam will find themselves on ships leading to the new land. After exiting the ship don't forget to bind to a new obelisk.


From the ship Elyos can teleport directly to Signia


From the ship Asmodians can teleport directly to Vengar

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Organize Damaged Stigmas

In the New World Update, Stigma system has been revamped. All previously obtained Stigmas can no longer be used and have been taged as Damaged Stigmas, you will need to obtain new stones after the update.

■ Selling Damaged Stigmas

All stones in your inventory will be turned into Damaged Stigmas. Damaged Stigmas have no function, they can be exchanged for Abyss Points or Kinah. All Stigmas will be turned into Damaged Stigma, even the ones carried by pets or in your Warehouse so don't forget to do some cleaning.

- General Damaged Stigmas: Can be sold for Kinah to any vendor.

- Greater Damaged Stigmas: Can be sold for Abyss Points to special merchants for example in Signia or Vengar.


Damaged Stigmas can be sold in exchange for AP or Kinah

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Equip Limited Stigmas

After disposing of Damaged Stigma you will need to obtain new stones.

After the update, each character should have few limited Stigma bags in the inventory. The number of bags depends on the number of Stigma slots said character has. Those bags allow you to choose a desired Stigma.

- After the New World Update, Stigma Shards are no longer required. From now on to equip a stigma you will only need Kinah.

■ Limited Stigma Features

Limited Stigmas can be easily obtained but can not be traded.

Limited Stigma's features have been limited. (Stigmas can not be enchanted, Vision Stigma will not appear)

You should gradually replace are limited Stigmas with regular ones.

- Limited Stigmas can be purchased with Kinah. Stigma suppliers can be found for example in Signia and Vengar.


Stigma related NPCs in Signia


Stigma related NPCs in Vengar

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Learn About New Skills

In the New World Update each class had some of it's skills revamped.

Vision Stigmas have been added to each class, number of skills have been improved. Some Stigma skills will be learned automatically. You can learn more about changes to particular classes on following pages.

New World Update - Skill Renewal
534ee6699eca8f3f57d50244.png Gladiator Skill Renewal C0041337539677e294f80574.png Templar Skill Renewal
5e5a157f130258c8fc19fe87.png Ranger Skill Renewal 461db2d6e1a0ccbba30e6a70.png Assassin Skill Renewal
151817b6189414f49617ef12.png Sorcerer Skill Renewal 5b8f9e75239c5df6876cb2b7.png Spiritmaster Skill Renewal
E3c6f4987fc57ba3e27bd63f.png Cleric Skill Renewal 20f25a52135f9033e220a3e8.png Chanter Skill Renewal
4c3e9b5c7301b1108ea913b7.png Gunner Skill Renewal 9dc29b092876ba74cb171105.png Aethertech Skill Renewal
D10e18fcbd9e254730989e0b.png Bard Skill Renewal

Join the Territorial Battle

Territorial Battle is a competitive content designed for Legions, you will be competing to take control over one of Signia or Vengar territories.

You can fight for each territory in a 12 men alliance. Legion that achieved the highest score in the Territorial Battle instance will control the territory for 1 week.

- Territorial Battle leader board will reset every Wednesday.

- Required Key can only be obtained by Legions Level 6 or higher by completing Legion tasks.

- Territorial Battle compensation will be paid depending on the results and ranking of the Legion, when you occupy a base additional benefits will be available.


Legions Tasks for a Challenge Key


Participate in Territorial Battle to take control over the region

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Attack New Instances

New World Update introduced new level 65 instance, Makarna, and 3 hard mode versions of existing dungeons.

In addition, some old instances have been completely revamped and some removed. Entrances to level 55+ instances have been moved.

■ Makarna and 3 Hard Mode Instances

Instance Entry Conditions Number of Entries Related Items
Makarna 65+ · Alliance (12) 2 entries a week
Wed 9 a.m.
Dragon Lord Beritra's Set
Beritra's Phantom Wings
Tiamat's Hidden Space 65+ · Alliance (12) 1 entry a day
9 a.m.
Mighty Balaur's Set
Improved Dragon Lord's Twisted Weapons
Tiamat's Glimmering Wings
Stigma Bags
Lost Rentus Base 65+ · Group 1 entry a day
9 a.m.
55th Brigade General Set
Brigade General Vasharti's Wings
Stigma Bags
Lost Refuge 65+ · Group 1 entry a day
9 a.m.
Ancient Relics
Stigma Bags


4th Dragon Lord Beritra in Makarna


Resting place of the 5th Dragon Lord, Tiamat

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Obtain New World Items

Various Named Monsters appear throwout Signia and Vengar.

By killing them, you have a chance of obtaining very unique item new to the New World Update.


Marine Set from Signia Named Monsters


Deep Sea Set from Vengar Named Monsters

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Check NPCs Functions

Kikorinerk disappeared.

NPCs such as Strife, Abyss item merchants and Relic exchangers from Katalam have disappeared. Worry not, all those functions are still being provided by new NPCs.

Function Function Details Location
Strife Merchant Nagrin is responsible for such items. In one of 13 Akaron Garrisons
Abyss Equipment Merchant Magrun will buy your Abyss items.
Ancient Relic Exchanger Achin exchanges Goblets, Crowns, Rune Relics with 150% return rate.
Ancient Coin Merchant Ancient Coin items can be purchased from NPCs in Signia, Vengar. Signia, Vengar
Gleaming Balaur Serum NPC responsible for this item is located in Signia/Vengar main base.
Kahrun's Symbol Exchange Kahrun's Symbol can no longer be obtained, they can be exchanged for Ancient Coins.
Tiamaranta's Treasure Keys Tiamaranta's Treasure Keys can be exchanged for bundles containing many Ancient Relics. Form of a quest.
Katalam Garrison Materials Materials from Katalam Garrisons can be purchsed from an NPC located at the main Signia/Vengar base.
Ceranium Medal Exchange You can exchange Mithril Medals for Ceranium Medal in Signia/Vengar.
Organization Token Exchange Tokens from removed organizations can be traded for Tokens from remaining groups.
Katalam Fortress Emblems Katalam Fortress Emblems can no longer be obtained. They can be sold to an NPC fro Abyss Points. Akaron Main Camp

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Join Renewed Organizations

Organization Groups have been reorganized in the New World Update. Crafting Organization, Mentoring Organization, Katalam Organizations have been removed. Tokens from removed groups can be exchanged for other tokens.

Remaining organizations have been extended to cover levels 65 and new rewards have been added.

- You can join each organization at the main Signia, Vengar base.

Removed Group Exchange NPC Returned Tokens
Elyos Green Hat Alliance
Silverine Limited
Orichalcum Group
Wright Group
Dolirunerk <Signia Base> Progress Token

Radiant Token

Fortuneers Token

Asmodians Green Hat AllianceSilverine LimitedCircle GroupShaper Group Chairunerk <Vengar Base> Ward Token

Crusader Token

Daemon Token


Remaining 3 organization have been extended to level 65


New, better rewards have been added

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Other Useful Information

Full Siege Schedule Siege Times
New ways of obtaining Honour Points Honour Points
New Beritra's Invasion Monsters and Locations Beritra's Invasion
New Space-Time Rift Content Conqueror and Protector System


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 1 - New World Update
Guide New World To-Do-List
Siege Changes
Character Skill Renewal
Stigma Renewal

Gladiator Skill Renewal
Templar Skill Renewal
Ranger Skill Renewal
Assassin Skill Renewal
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Other Information
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New Instances
[65] Makarna
[65] Territorial Battle

Hard Mode Instances
[65] Lost Rentus Base
[65] Lost Refuge
[65] Tiamat's Hidden Space
Renewed Instances
[65] Sealed Hall of Knowledge
[63] Rune Tribe Refuge
[63] Jormungand's Bridge
[60] Tiamat's Hideout
[60] Mantor
[57] Rentus Base
[57] Tiamat's Fortress
[55] Aturam Sky Fortress
Item Dragon Lord Beritra's Set
Mighty Balaur's Set
55th Brigade General Set
Honourable Conquest Set
Improved Dragon Lord's Twisted Weapons
Enhanced Deformed Catalium Weapons
Deep Sea Set
Marine Set
Lord Beritra's Set
Darkness Set
55th Soldier's Set
Revived Land's Set
Elyos Legionary's Premium Set
Asmodian Legionary's Premium Set
New Wings
New Mounts
Organization System Organization System Renewal

Elyos Organizations
Alabaster Order
Radiant Ops
Token Conversion

Asmodian Organizations
Field Wardens
Blood Crusade
Charlirunerk's Daemons
Token Conversion
Etc. Existing Content
Beritra's Invasion
Additional Updates
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KR - Update May 6th 2015
KR - Update April 22nd 2015
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KR - Update April 1st 2015
KR - Update March 18th 2015
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KR - Update December 10th 2014