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Mobility is key on the battlefield.  Thus, Atreia's most skilled scientists have researched a variety of technological and empathic breakthroughs to provide us with the latest in battlefield mobility.  These mounts and vehicles will allow Daevas to travel faster than ever!  All mounts have flight capabilities, and most have the ability to temporarily boost their speed beyond normal measures.

Mounts have the following effects:
- Mounts increase your movement and flight speed while you are riding them. The increase depends on the type of mount.
- Some mounts can be made to Sprint by pressing the <R> key (Ascend). Sprinting is a temporary boost to movement speed, and it consumes flight time.
- If you use Sprint on a hill before you jump off, you can land further away.

Taking Damage

Cd3796193acb71bee1964ccc.png - Each time you take damage, there's a chance you'll be dismounted.
- High-performance mounts such as the Sharptooth Bloodletter or the Pagati Veyron  give you a better chance to resist being forcibly dismounted.
- If you have a DOT on you, the chance of being dismounted increases each time the DOT damages you. This means that you have a good chance of resisting being dismounted on the initial hit, but over time it's much more likely to dismount you compared to a single hit.

Altered States

1fe478488f86078974b4a2ff.png - Blindness, Silence, and Attack Speed Reduction do not dismount the target.
- Skills that affects movement speed such as Movement Speed Reduction and Root will always dismount the target.
- Paralysis, Fear, and Sleep skills dismount the target 100% of the time.
- Shock skills such as Stun, Knock Back, Stumble, and Aether's Hold will dismount the target every time.

If you are shocked, you are dismounted 100% of the time.
All Altered State skills that affect movement speed also dismount you 100% of the time.

Other Effects

- Falling damage will not dismount you.
- Terrain hazards such as lava have a certain percentage chance to dismount.


Even if you take falling damage, you won't be dismounted unless you
are killed.


Like DOT damage, terrain damage dismounts you a certain
percentage of the time.

Capture Skills

- A skill that also decreases movement speed will always dismount.
- If the skill captures the target but does not affect movement speed, there is a certain chance to dismount the target, just as when damaged.
If a capture skill decreases movement speed, it will always dismount the target.
A capture skill that drags the target but does not decrease movement speed has a certain chance to dismount.

Take a Mount for a Test-Drive!

Some of the high-performance mounts can be very hard to come by.
Even those that can be bought from NPC vendors can cost a fortune. If you complete one of the following quests, you can use a mount for an hour free!

Name Min Level Location Conditions Reward
30 Oriel Plaza Talk to NPC
XP 58,283
30 Oriel Plaza Talk to NPC
XP 58,283


Each mount has a fixed movement speed

Buffs, Running Scrolls, Flight Scrolls, and Speed Shoes are not needed to make these mounts really go!

A mount increases your movement and flight speed while you are riding it.

17c7926712bcdbceff15fb78.png Each mount increases movement and flight speed by different amounts. Rare and expensive mounts give the biggest boosts.
Mounts are very useful when for getting to remote places. However, you cannot use skills or items while riding them, so be sure to consider that before deciding where and when to use them.
The performance stats of a mount are all shown in its item tooltip.
When you get on a mount, you will feel the speed boost right away.

How to Use


Click a mount in the cube to use it or drag it to your quickbar for ease of use.


It takes about 1 second to summon a mount after you click to use it.

Mounts are stored in your cube as items. Click one, and your character will spend about 1 second summoning the mount, and then get on it.

To get off the mount, open your cube and click the icon again.
You can bind the dismount function to a shortcut key. Note that you cannot use the shortcut key while moving.
To dismiss a summoned mount, you must stop before clicking the shortcut key.


C091105c02a9a8c08bd2ef26.png This screenshot shows a mount Sprint ing. Focusing lines appear on the screen as the movement speed increases.
To start Sprinting, get on a mount and press the <W> key (Forward) twice in quick succession, or press the <R> key (Ascend/Sprint) once. Sprinting provides a huge temporary boost to movement speed by consuming flight time.
Try Sprinting up a hill and then leaping off for a huge running jump.