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All monsters have a chance to drop parts of the [[Storm Set|{{Common|Storm Set}}]].
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! '''Description'''
! '''Description'''
! width="20px" |'''Quantity'''
! width="20px" |'''Quantity'''
|- class="l1"
| class="al pr" |https://aionpowerbook.com/item/icon/icon_item_lt_glove_c01.png
| class="ar" |50
| class="al" |[[Storm Set|{{Common|Storm Set}}]]
| class="al" |Parts of the [[Storm Set|{{Common|Storm Set}}]].
| class="al" |1

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Level Name Description Quantity

1 고대의 아라카 무기 선택 상자 고대의 아라카 군단병 무기가 들어있는 상자입니다. 더블 클릭(오른쪽 클릭)하면 내용물을 선택할 수 있습니다.0/1

1 고대의 아라카 방어구 상자 직업에 맞는 고대의 아라카 군단병 방어구가 들어있는 상자입니다. 더블 클릭(오른쪽 클릭)하면 내용물을 확인할 수 있습니다.0/1

80 Experience Extractor A tool required to craft Experience Marks.

You can buy it at the general stores in Lakrum and Demaha.

To use the tool, character XP must be greater than 175,000,000. When used, it consumes XP and creates Experience Marks.


Lower Udas Temple
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Main information about the instance.
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List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
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Check what items you can find in the Lower Udas Temple.
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Information on available quests.