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All monsters have a chance to drop parts of the [[Earth Set|{{Common|Earth Set}}]].
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|- class="l1"
|- class="l1"
| class="al pr" |https://aionpowerbook.com/item/icon/icon_item_lt_glove_c01.png
| class="al pr" |https://aionpowerbook.com/item/icon/icon_item_lt_glove_c01.png
| class="ar" |20
| class="ar" |30
| class="al" |[[Earth Set|{{Common|Earth Set}}]]
| class="al" |[[Raging Wind Set|{{Common|Raging Wind Set}}]]
| class="al" |Parts of the [[Earth Set|{{Common|Earth Set}}]].
| class="al" |Parts of the [[Raging Wind Set|{{Common|Raging Wind Set}}]].
| class="al" |1
| class="al" |1

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Kaliga the Unjust

Kromede drop1.png

Level Name Description Quantity
icon_item_lt_glove_c01.png 30 Raging Wind Set Parts of the Raging Wind Set. 1

1 속을 알 수 없는 도토리 꾸러미 단단한 도토리가 들어 있지만 몇 개가 들어 있는지 속을 알 수 없는 꾸러미입니다. 더블 클릭(오른쪽 클릭)하면 내용물을 확인할 수 있습니다.10


Kromede's Trial
IDCromede main.png


Main information about the instance.
IDCromede npc.png


List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
IDCromede drop.png


Check what items you can find in the Kromede's Trial.
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Information on available quests.