KR - Update September 6th 2017

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Instanced Dungeon

1. When the opponent/opposite team leaves the Golden Crucible/Golden Crucible (Group Battles) during battle, the other player/team will be judged immediately.


1. Weda’s skill Enchantment Buff: Old Friend would be canceled after using 'Blessed Shield’. This issue has been fixed.

- The effect of 'Blessed Shield' and Enchantment Buff: Old Friend will not apply twice.


1. The number of possible wrappings will now show properly.

2. Markers in some item tooltips would not display. This issue has been fixed. 

3. Icons of Dark Dragon King's Weapons have been changed.

4. Sounds of some mounts have been fixed.


1. Sky Island Invasion: Under certain circumstances, it was possible to attack the Battle Commander without killing any Raiders. This issue has been fixed.

2. Icons of some NPCs would not be displayed on the map. This issue has been fixed.

3. Skill sounds of some monsters have been fixed.


1. The explanation of the Enchanting process in the Boost/Modify window has been fixed.

2. In some shops, icons of required items would not be displayed. This issue has been fixed.

3. When trying to purchase an item with not enough required materials, a system message would not be displayed. This issue has been fixed.

4. Redeemer's Wing Docks’s name would not display on the map under certain circumstances. This issue has been fixed.

5. The UI for the final match in the Golden Crucible (Group Battles) would not match the regular UI. This issue has been fixed.


1. The height at which Airflows near Esterra bases can lift a player has been adjusted.

2. Players will no longer sink into some chairs near Pandaemonium Plaza.

3. The terrain in Signia has been fixed.


5.8 - Land of Battle
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Holy Tower Mirash Refuge
General Items Spinel Coin Gray Wolf Mark
New items Abyss:

High Archon Commander's Set
High Guardian Commander's Set

Spinel Coins:
Guardian Legionary's Set
    Elite Guardian Legionary's Set

Archon Legionary's Set
    Elite Archon Legionary's Set

Enhanced Ancient Fallusha's Set
Gray Wolf Accessories

Magical Crafting:

Proness Set
    Gleaming Proness Set

Dragon King:
Dark Dragon King's Weapons

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