KR - Update October 18th 2017

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1. After activating an artifact in the Abyss Core, the effect will now appear in different locations.

- The effect will now appear in 1 of 3 random locations around the Divine Fortress.

2. The HP of Artefact Core has been increased.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Players will no longer suffer damage from the ‘Otherworldly Magic’ when Boliag in the Museum of Knowledge dies.


1. The way Upgrade Level resets when Upgrading Accessories fails has been changed.

Upgrading Level Phase Reset
0 ~ +5 0
+6 and higher +6

- Lord's Feather, Enhanced Lord's Feather, Lord's Bracelet, Upgradable Weapons/Armours, destructible Accessories are excluded.

2. Moonlit Hanbok will no longer be invisible when equipped by an Asmodian Character.


1. During the Event period, Witch's Tree I and Witch's Tree II will now give XP.


1. Typos in the Artefact Activation Window in the Abyss Core have been fixed.

2. The details on the Ranking Updates in the ‘Competition Rank’ window have been removed.


1. The terrain in Makarna has been fixed.

2. The terrain around Ariel’s Refuge in Esterra has been fixed.


5.8 - Land of Battle
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Holy Tower Mirash Refuge
General Items Spinel Coin Gray Wolf Mark
New items Abyss:

High Archon Commander's Set
High Guardian Commander's Set

Spinel Coins:
Guardian Legionary's Set
    Elite Guardian Legionary's Set

Archon Legionary's Set
    Elite Archon Legionary's Set

Enhanced Ancient Fallusha's Set
Gray Wolf Accessories

Magical Crafting:

Proness Set
    Gleaming Proness Set

Dragon King:
Dark Dragon King's Weapons

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