KR - Update November 13th 2013

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Changes to Zephyr Shop

2. Some Skillbooks from monsters can now be bought


1. Issue with Acute Grating Sound IV having priority over Acute Grating Sound V has been fixed.

2. Priority of Blinding Light I has been fixed.

3. Issue with shield skills being usable without a shield has been fixed.


1. A summoned spirit will remain in place when used with a flight transporter or a flying device.


1. You can now buy summoning skillbooks that used to be only available through looting certain monsters.
– Summon Wind Spirit(I~IV) and Summon Water Spirit(I~IV)

2. Appearance of some items has been fixed.

3. Stats of some items displaying incorrectly have been fixed.



1. You can now buy items through the in-game Zephyr Shop.
- Existing '[Web] Shop' has been changed to 'Zephyr Shop'.
- You can now access shop through [Menu > Services > Zephyr Shop].

- 'Zephyr Shop' has been added to [Menu - Services].


Open the shop through the icon on the bottom of your screen


Zephyr Shop can be now opened through
[Menu > Services > Zephyr Shop]


1. Some tooltips typos have been fixed.


1. Some Jormungand Marching Route terrain issues have been fixed


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