KR - Update June 11th 2014

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1. Terrain in Akaron has been modified.

2. Arriving in unusual positions in Akaron has been fixed.

3. Terrain in Hall of Fame and Temple of Honour has been modified.


1. For successfully capturing one of Pangaea's forts you will be reworded with Honour Points.


1. Atreia Pass's event titles have been removed.

2. Cumulative rewards for the Atreia Pass not flashing has been fixed

3. Issue with notification sounds to always playing has been fixed.

4. Issue with alliance window not maintaining it's positions has been fixed.

5. UI abnormalities have been fixed.

- Size of the comapss and target window has been fixed.

- Issues with some of information windows, select windows and skill windows have been fixed.

- Issues with the App Center, 1:1 inquires and texts and images in the item repair window after reconnecting have been fixed.


1. Rare phenomena that appears when Akaron Agents emerge has been fixed.

2. Issue with some monsters in Katalam Underground not re-emerging has been fixed.

3. Commanders of Akaron Garrisons have been changed to not move out of the camps.


1. Some incorrectly placed stats of some items have been fixed.

- Guardian/Archon Task Force Commander's Holy Tunic's amount of Magic Resist has been changed

- Guardian/Archon Special Ops Commander's Holy Shield's amount of HP has been changed

2. Levinshor Alliance Manastone Box only containing level 60 Manastones has been fixed.

- Level 70 Manasotnes have been added to the drop list.

3. [Stamp] Tempering Solution (7 days) is no longer storeable in account warehouse.


1. Issue with a boss in the middle part of Kromede's Trial has been fixed.


1. Under certain circumstances after capturing one of Pangaea's forts some skills got bugged, this issue has been fixed.

2. Issue with Spiritmaster's Fear and Fear: Ginseng not reducing target's speed has been fixed.


1. Fixed issue with ‘Barrier Zone/Water Source Invasion Corridor’ rotating to always face the player.

- Said corridors are used in Elyos mission ‘Premonition of War’, Asmodian ‘The calm before the storm’.

2. Not being able to finish some of Verteron quests has been fixed.


Invasion Update
New Areas Kaldor

Proud Darock



Akaron's Ancient Monsters

Ceranium Medals

Instances Changes to Existing Instances
Changes to Instance Entrances
New Instances

Baruna Research Laboratory

Heroic Instances
Runadium (heroic)
Rune Shield Tower (heroic)

Characters Skill Changes
Raids Beritra's Invasion
Raging Anoha
Akaron's Ancient Monsters
Fortress Anoha Fortress
Anoha Fortress Quests
Changes to the Existing Forts
Inggison and Gelkmaros Repeatable Quests
Items New Items
Ascended Agent's Set
Kunax Set
Fire Dragon's Set
Level 65 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 55 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 40 Beritra Supplies Set

Crafting Items
Legendary Master's Catalium Set
Jormungand's Special Greater Noble Set
Popoku Set
Deep Sea Chapir Set

Equipment Evolution Items
Enhanced Angry(Enraged) Hyperion's Set
Enhanced Unique Dynatum Set
Enhanced Mad Grendal's Set
Abyss Items
Elite Guardian Governor Set
Guardian Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Elite Archon Governor Set
Archon Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Extendable Abyss Weapons

Abyss Items(with lower rank restrictions)
Guardian Executor Commander's Holy Set
Guardian Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Archon Executor Commander's Holy Set
Archon Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Purified Essence
Illusion Godstones
Equipment Evolution System
Evolution of Abyss Items
Eternal Ancient Manastones
Return Scroll
Etc. Honour Points
Quest Auto-Complete Function
Changes to the Levelling Process

Additional Updates

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