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Race Quest Name
{| class="edit_table" border="1" style=""
Elyos [인던] 고독의 투기장 도전 1
[인던] 고독의 투기장 도전 2
| class="cel1"|Race
[인던] 고독의 투기장 도전 3
| class="cel1"|Quest
[인던/파티] 협력의 투기장 도전 1
[인던/파티] 협력의 투기장 도전 2
| class="pad1 "|Elyos
[인던/파티] 협력의 투기장 도전 3
| class="pad1 "|{{#quest:62670}}
[인던/파티] 아슈나탈 드레드기온 도전
마족 [인던] 고독의 투기장에 도전하라 1
[인던] 고독의 투기장에 도전하라 2
[인던] 고독의 투기장에 도전하라 3
[인던/파티] 협력의 투기장에 도전하라 1
[인던/파티] 협력의 투기장에 도전하라 2
[인던/파티] 협력의 투기장에 도전하라 3
[인던/파티] 아슈나탈 드레드기온에 도전하라
| class="pad1 "|Asmodian
| class="pad1 "|{{#quest:72670}}

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Instanced Dungeon

1. New Stella Secret Stadium Instanced Dungeon has been added.

- It can be entered with Legion members.

Entrance Players Level Entries Reset
Dumah “Orbis Training Arena” 2~6 80 2 entries Wednesday, 9:00

2. Prometun Workshop (Normal), Makarna of Bitterness (Normal) Instanced Dungeons have been added.

- Entrances and the number of entries are as follows.

Race Entrance Entries
Elyos Inggison Outpost 4 Entries
Asmodian Gelkmaros Defence Base 4 Entries

3. The difficulty of Stella Research Laboratory (Easy) has been reduced.

- Resurrection skills can now be used in all areas.

- Slime monsters will no longer appear near the switch during Weakened Draug fight.

- During Weakened Draug fight, the switch will now appear immediately.

- The slime that heals Weakened Draug has been removed.

- Explosive spores during Weakened Draug battle will only show one contaminated pool.

- The generation time of the plage zone created by Weakened Shadon has been changed from 5s to 10s.

- The attack power of assassin monsters summoned during Weakened Shadon fight has been significantly reduced.

- The number of monsters summoned by Weakened Bronze Guardian has been significantly reduced.

- The damage of Weakened Bronze Guardian’s Electric Waves has been significantly reduced.

- Weakened Mutated Daeva will no longer clime on the pillar during the fight.

4. The number of entries to the Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory has been changed to 6 times a week.

5. The level of skills used inside the Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory dungeon has been adjusted.

6. The names of some skills used inside the Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory dungeon have been changed.

7. Trap summoners will no longer give Abyss Points when killed inside the Hidden Minionite Warehouse.

8. Typos in some instance names have been fixed.

9. 고대의 명성수 : 드마하 has been added as a reward for the Stella Research Laboratory (Easy), Beninerk’s Manor (Easy) dungeons.

10. The rewards for the Stella Research Laboratory (Normal), Beninerk’s Manor (Normal) have been increased.

11. The probability of obtaining some Esoterrace rewards has been adjusted.

12. You will no longer gain XP from killing Pyre Soul in the Lower Udas Temple dungeon.

Red Katalam

1. An issue with the “Corridor to the 81st Garrison” not appearing in Red Katalam (South) has been fixed.


1. The troops spawned by the Drahma Dredgion will no longer fight with other objects in the area.

2. Fort and Defence outposts have been added to the Gelkmaros/Inggison Teleporters.

3. Colours of some windstreams have been fixed.


1. It will no longer be possible to easily attack bosses using “Inanna's Sanctuary” and “Inanna's Hideout” topography.


1. Legates of the Lakrum Garrisons will no longer drop Odians and Runes.

Dumah Altar Siege

1. 12th Large Altar has been added to the Dumah Region.


1. The progress and rewards for some quest have been changed.

2. New Race/Legion quests related to Large Dumah Altars have been added.

3. Typos in some quests have been fixed.

4. XP from some quests has been removed.

5. You will now accept quest immidatelly after entering the Aetherogenetics Lab dungeon.

6. The reward for some quests has been changed to Abyss Points.

Race Quest


1. An issue with abnormal appearance after activating Transcend Limit when the player is using Angelic Cipher-Blade as a skin has been fixed.

2. The display message when charging Elim’s Energy has been changed.

3. A message will now appear when the Elim’s Energy has been charged for more than 50% or it dropped below 50%.

4. Some changes to items from the Fame shops in the Inggison, Gelkmaros, Silentera Canyon, Lakrum, Dumah, Katalam regions have been made.

5. 황금빛 혼합수 has been added to the 알로니스 and 보르크 stores.

6. Some outdated items have been removed from the drop.

7. Some reward weapon and armor chests from Instanced Dungeons can now be stored in the account warehouse.

8. The way The Rune’s Transformation Enhancement List is displayed has been improved.

9. The information on a dyed Shield would change after transforming. This issue has been fixed.

10. The appearance of some costume items has been fixed.

11. 추출 용해제 purchase cost from the Gold Sand Shop has been fixed.


1. The [인던] 꼭꼭 숨어라, 머리카락 보일라 Lugbug mission will now update after defeating the boss in the Beninerk’s Manor Instanced Dungeon.

2. Some weekly 76~80 missions and rewards have been changed.

3. The probabilities of obtaining items from the 루그부그의 수수께끼 상자 (reward for weekly missions) have been changed.


1. An issue with Elyos Spiritmaster being attacked by Guards after using Soul Combustion on monsters near Stella Guard NPCs has been fixed.

2. After using Heart Shot, the cooldown of Retreating Slash would not decrease by 70%. This issue has been fixed.

3. Some Skill effects have been changed.


1. Some images in the Odian/Rune info windows have been fixed.


1. The effects of some transformations would not disappear after the Transformation was removed. This issue has been fixed.


7.5 Update
General Items Rune Odian
New items PVE:

Legendary Fierce Katalam Set
Ultimate Fierce Katalam Set

Legendary Cruel Dumaha Set
Ultimate Cruel Dumaha Set

Legendary Silent Lakrum Set
Ultimate Silent Lakrum Set

Legendary Legion Guard Set
Ultimate Legion Guard Set

Extreme Set

Vision Set
Rare Vision Set
Noble Vision Set


Legendary Fierce Battle Set

Legendary Legion Scout Set
Ultimate Legion Scout Set

Legendary Lakrum Scout Set
Ultimate Lakrum Scout Set

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