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1. The HP of fortress gates in the Lower Abyss has been decreased.

2. You can no longer use Shugo Navigators when attacking Lower Abyss Fortresses.

Base Content

1. Base Artifcasts have been placed in Esterra, Nosra.

Race Base Name Area
Elyos Base 108 - Rush of Battle Coast of the Doomed
Base 109 - Touch of Battle Wind Valley
Base 110 - Rush of Battle Aether Temple
Base 111 - Touch of Battle Tarha Village
Asmodian Base 208 - Encouragement of Battlefield Sphiro's Territory
Base 209 - Touch of Battle Calyda Canyon
Base 210 - Rush of Battle Ruins of History
Base 211 - Touch of Battle Zenzen Territory

- The location is shown on the map as pictured below





- To capture a base, kill the Battle Captains or Combat Officers.

- Battle Officers will continue to appear to recapture the base.

- The race that occupies a base can activate the artefact.

● Requires two Finest Artifact Activation Stones.

- After capturing a base, you can teleport to the next one through a teleportation device.

- Obelisks and Soul Healers have been places near the Bases.

- When a base is being occupied, Merchants, Consumable NPCs, etc will appear.

- Consumption items, special materials, and supplies, Relic exchange NPCs appear only when specific bases are occupied.

2. When you capture all bases on the opposite race's map, Garrison NPCs with special rewards will appear.

- Elyos: Occupy 4 bases in Nosra, Asmodian: Occupy 4 bases in Esterra.

- Garrison NPCs can be attacked by infiltrating races, and rewards can be obtained with each kill.

- If one of the bases is recaptured, Garrison NPCs will disappear.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Acquisition conditions for the 'Core Fragment of the Artefact of Knowledge' that can be obtained in the Neviwind Canyon have been changed.

Before After
1 for a Win or Defeat After acquering more than 4,000 points

2 for a Win or Defeat


1. [Event] Tempering Solution can now be obtained from Divine Fortress sieges.

2. [Event] Tempering Solution can now be obtained from loot boxes in the Ashunatal Dredgion.

3. To evolve Commander Shields you will now need less Tempest Commander Soulstone.

4. Some items were not being sold by some NPCs in Gelkmaros/Inggison. This issue has been fixed.

Race NPC
Elyos Heriel / Apelles
Asmodian Mempar / Eriams


1. Stigma Enhancement has been added.

- Stigma Enhancement button has been added to the [Profile (P) - Stigma] window.

● Stigma help icon has been moved because of the new Stigma Enhancement button.


Stigma Enhancement in the [Profile (P) - Stigma] window

- Boost/Modify has been added to the ring menu when clicking on a Stigma.


Boost/Modify Ring Emu for Stigma

- Stigmas can still be enhanced through a Stigma Master.

2. Stigma Material pop up window has been added.

- Order: Enhanced Stigmas (Low -> High), unenhanced stigmas

3. Already enhanced Stigmas can now be used as materials.

- If you use an enhanced stigma as material, a relevant message will appear in the Enhance UI.


Enhanced Stigma as a material


1. Commander item operators have been placed in Esterra/Nosra.

- You can purchase Commander Evolution materials using Gray Wolf Mark and AP.

Race NPC Area
Elyos Raknius Esterra

Ariel's Refuge

Asmodian Umpals Nosra

Azphel's Temple

2. Special NPCs that can be used after capturing bases in Esterra/Nosra have been added.

- Capture bases in Elyos: Esterra/ Asmodian: Nosra.

- You can use Spinel Coin, Spinel Medal, Gray Wolf Mark, Gray Wolf Holy Water, AP to purchase items.

- Some NPCs can sell only a limited number of items.

Race Garrison NPC Items
Elyos 108th Kuanie Power Shard: +50 Bundle

Personal Soul Healer Summoning Stone Bundle

109th Shuled Omega Enchantment Stone Box
Marurin Grade C Minion Contract

Gray Wolf Badge

110th Shuron Level 70 Composite Manastone Box

Level 65 Illusion Godstone Box

Stigma Bundle

111th Etezia Gray Wolf Holy Water
Pashas Tempering Solution Box
Asmodian 208th Perdstan Power Shard: +50 Bundle

Personal Soul Healer Summoning Stone Bundle

209th Piabeols Omega Enchantment Stone Box
Pledtri Grade C Minion Contract

Gray Wolf Badge

210th Dufals Level 70 Composite Manastone Box

Level 65 Illusion Godstone Box

Stigma Bundle

211th Niror Gray Wolf Holy Water
Daubel Tempering Solution Box

3. The layout, level and abilities of some monsters in Esterra/Nosra have been changed.

- Density of some monsters has been lowered.

- Level of some monsters has been lowered.

- Abilities of some monsters have been lowered.


1. The output message what appears when approaching a fortress under siege has been changed.

Before You can join the Battlefield Union
After Take back the occupied fortress and raise the honour of your people.

2. The preview window of the Evolution process would not display the number of wrappings. This issue has been fixed.

3. The number of entries to the Golden Crucible (Group Battles) will now be displayed properly.


1. New quests related to Esterra/Nosra Bases have been added.

2. New PVP quests in Esterra/Nosra have been added.

3. Rewards for existing Esterra/Nosra PVP quests have been increased.

4. Special Shulack Refiner can once again be used to make Siel's Weapon quest.


5.8 - Land of Battle
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Holy Tower Mirash Refuge
General Items Spinel Coin Gray Wolf Mark
New items Abyss:

High Archon Commander's Set
High Guardian Commander's Set

Spinel Coins:
Guardian Legionary's Set
    Elite Guardian Legionary's Set

Archon Legionary's Set
    Elite Archon Legionary's Set

Enhanced Ancient Fallusha's Set
Gray Wolf Accessories

Magical Crafting:

Proness Set
    Gleaming Proness Set

Dragon King:
Dark Dragon King's Weapons

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