KR - Update April 7th 2021

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1. Stats of gates in Inggison and Gelkmaros have been adjusted.

2. Stats of gates and Guardian Generals in Bassen and Prades Fortresses have been adjusted.

3. The structure of the Guardian Room inside the Bassen Fortress has been changed.

- The direction has been corrected.

- The number of gates leading to the Guardian Room has been changed from 4 to 1.

Kaldor: Time Fold II

1. When players defeat boss monsters, a system message will now be displayed.

2. Items that can be obtained from each Named monster have been changed as follows.

Item Target Monster Update
14 Jorgoth’s Half Weapons 교만한 다로크, 12 Boss Monsters - Obtain by defeating the target monsters
Extreme Equipment 교만한 다로크, 12 Boss Monsters - Obstinacy armor and Presumption&Acrimony Weapons and armours can be obtained

- Drop rate increased

Monster Platinum Cubicle Bundle Elite Monsters, 10 kind of bosses,

2 bosses (Heroic Ruins)

- Drop rate increased
Teleport Scroll Bundle Elite Monsters, 2 bosses (Heroic Ruins) - Drop rate increased


1. The inventory can now be expanded by 3 additional lines.

- It can be expended 2 times with Kinah, and once with Cube Expansion Coin.


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