KR - Update April 5th 2017

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1. Settings of Invasion monsters that appear every weekend at 20:00 in Esterra/Nosra have been changed.

- Changes in each area are as follows.

Saturday 20:00 Sunday 20:00
Tetranon appears in Esterra Kaenobikan appears in Nosra

- Abilities of monsters and transport vehicles have been lowered.

- The waiting time for monsters summoned by Tanks/Transportation Units has been changed to 2min.

- The Invasion monsters will now disappear after 45min.

- As the names of monsters change so do quest and item names.

2. Skill effects of ‘Grendal the Witch’, the final boss on the 4th floor of the ‘Tower of Challenge’, have been changed to be more visible.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Seasons for the ‘Golden Crucible’, ‘Arena of Discipline’, ‘Tower of Challenge’, ‘Golden Crucible (Group Battles)’ will now end at 3 a.m.

2. The time after which dead bodies of some monsters in the ‘Museum of Knowledge’ disappear has been changed.


1. ‘Alabaster Order’, ‘Field Wardens’ in-progress quests referring players to removed Inggison/Gelkmaros fortresses have been changed.

- If you acquired the quest before the update, you will receive a new quest after abandoning the current one.


1. The right Revolver will no longer display abnormally after a Gunner character closes a ‘Private Store’.

2. Fixed ‘Rest/Normal’ motion for female characters with the ‘[Motion Card] Ice Skate’


1. You will now be able to preview Skill Enhancements of the result item is the Event Evolution window. - When you register an item, you will now be able to preview the skill enhancement.

2. Fixed an issue where the Minion icon registered to the quick bar would disappear under certain circumstances.


1. Tower of Challenge terrain has been changed.


5.6 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Dungeons Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (Group Battles)


Tower of Challenge


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