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- Available 2 times a week (Wed 9:00)

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- Available for levels 80
- Available 4 times a week (Wed 9:00)


- Commander Nergal
- After a battle with normal monsters, fight with the boss starts


- Legendary Armor, Wings, Feathers, Bracelets

- Ancient Armor, Wings, Feathers, Bracelets




- Available 2 times a week (Wed 9:00)


Ancient Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Plume Accessory/Legendary Pauldrons, Gloves, Waistband

Background Story

With the Divine Fortress as the central point, the Brigade General Nergal guards the symbol of the Ereshkigal Legion and the tower that ensures his strength.

Elyos and Asmodians who heard of Ereshkigal’s resurrection had to fight long and hard along the path to the core. They realized that Ereshkigal’s dark influence is so strong in this region that not flying nor further forward march would be possible.


The entrance to the Holy Tower is located in Lakrum. For Elyos, during the occupation of the 123rd Garrison, for Asmodians, during the occupation of the 126th Garrison.

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[Elyos] Entrance at the 123rd Garrison

Ver19 02 2.png

[Asmodian] Entrance at the 126th Garrison

Map Structure

A spiral tower where Nergal is awaiting you at the top.

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Start Point

After entering the dungeon, talk to the Destroyer to move to the Holy Tower.

Ver19 04 1.png

[Elyos] Voque <Destroyer>

Ver19 04 2.png

[Asmodian] Tamke <Destroyer>

31st Anti-aircraft Machines

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The road to the boss is divided into 4 sections.

Ver19 06.jpg

A fixed number of Atasin Skyfighter will appear in each area, you must destroy all Atasin Skyfighter before moving to the next area.

Ver19 12.gif

Be aware that Nergal monsters will emerge from the machines.

BOSS Nergal

Click on the gate to face the Brigade General of the 31st Army, Nergal.

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1. Ice Pick Shield

Ver19 08.gif

This is the most basic attack that deals dagame around the target.

2. Earth-Shattering Shield

Ver19 09.gif

This skill deals damage equal to 50% Mmaximum HP of the target.

Less HP means less damage.

3. Lightning Smash

Ver19 10.gif

Selects one of the party members, deals damage and stunes the target.

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4. Superior Shield

Ver19 13.jpg

When Nergal starts casting Superior Shield, Atasin Tower Guard Captain and Shields will appear in spots shown below.

Please, not that the circles are numbered clockwise with the doors being at the bottom.

Ver19 14.jpg

The party members must kill Atasin Tower Guard Captain or immobilize them, and then stand in their respective position and click a different Shield.

If you click on a Shield that is already in-use, the casting bar should not appear.

Ver19 15.jpg

If you used the Shield correctly, you can start attacking Nergal again. If you fail, Nergal will use Superior Shield buff.

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5. Raging Cold

Ver19 17.jpg

When Nergal starts using Raging Cold, Wrathful Pelida will appear.

Ver19 18.jpg

Kill Wrathful Pelida near one of the circles on the floor to generate a strong updraft. You can evade Raging Cold by spreading your wings and fying up before the skill is triggered.

6. Shield of Faith

When Nergal starts using Shield of Faith, 4 31st Anti-aircraft Machines will appear.

Ver19 19.jpg

Shield of Faith on Nergal will remain for 30sec, in the meantime, you must destroy all 31st Anti-aircraft Machines.

Ver19 20.jpg

After destroying all 31st Anti-aircraft Machines, all monsters that emerged will disappear.

7. Sign of Awakening

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The Sign of Awakening is used on one party member significantly increasing that player’s HP, also, Atasin Tower Guard Captain will appear.

After a certain amount of time after killing the Atasin Tower Guard Captain, the HP will return to normal.

8. Bad Omen

One of the party members will be marked with the Bad Omen and will explode after a certain amount of time.

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At the same time, Atasin Tower Guard Captain will appear and start using the same skill. The party member with the mark must get close, and sacrifice himself before the Bad Omen kills everyone.


Holy Tower


Main information about the instance.


List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.


Check what items you can find in the Holy Tower.


Information on available quests.

5.8 - Land of Battle
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Holy Tower Mirash Refuge
General Items Spinel Coin Gray Wolf Mark
New items Abyss:

High Archon Commander's Set
High Guardian Commander's Set

Spinel Coins:
Guardian Legionary's Set
    Elite Guardian Legionary's Set

Archon Legionary's Set
    Elite Archon Legionary's Set

Enhanced Ancient Fallusha's Set
Gray Wolf Accessories

Magical Crafting:

Proness Set
    Gleaming Proness Set

Dragon King:
Dark Dragon King's Weapons

Additional Updates KR - Update July 19th 2017

KR - Update July 26th 2017

KR - Update August 2nd 2017

KR - Update August 9th 2017

KR - Update August 16th 2017

KR - Update August 23rd 2017

Not part of overseas 5.8:

KR - Update September 6th 2017

KR - Update September 13th 2017

KR - Update September 20th 2017

KR - Update September 27th 2017

KR - Update October 11th 2017

KR - Update October 18th 2017

KR - Update November 1st 2017

KR - Update November 8th 2017

KR - Update November 15th 2017