Enmity Boost

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Enmity Boost is an offensive attribute, and affects the amount of Enmity a character generates with their attacks, spells, healing, and effects. While Templars and Gladiators often have plus (+)Enmity Boost on their equipment, other classes, like Rangers and Sorcerers, have minus (-)Enmity Boost, which indicates that the Enmity their attacks, spells, healing, and effects is reduced. Characters with (+)Enmity Boost or (-)Enmity Boost will be more effective in Groups based on their role.

DPS and Healing classes like Clerics, Rangers, and Sorcerers benefit from (-)Enmity Boost, while tank or protector classes, like Templars and Gladiators, benefit from (+)Enmity Boost.

(+)Enmity Boost or (-)Enmity Boost is important for all classes, as it improves their ability to perform their role in Groups. Gladiators need to be more careful with Enmity Boost than other classes, as their equipment has both (+)Enmity Boost and (-)Enmity Boost, and should be switched out depending on their role in the Group.

Enmity Boost only affects PvE.

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