Enchanting Update - Other Changes

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1. Some Abyss items can now be dyed.

Elyos Items Asmodian Items
Guardian Special Unit(Operation Soldiers) Set
Guardian Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Archon Special Unit(Operation Soldiers) Set
Archon Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set

2. Enchanting window has been changed to show the current enchantment level.





3. Fixed issue with Pure Dynatoum's Radiant Cipher-Blade having less Magic Boost then the unevolved version.

4. Nether Dragon King's Sealed Box and Nether Dragon's Sealed Box obtained from the Kikorinerk's Sweet Surprise can now be opened by level 10 character.

- However, only monsters level 65 drop those boxes.


1. Issue with socketing progress bar displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. Fixed issue with some monsters in Katalam Underground not using skills.


1. Fixed issue with Pets not always following it's master in some situations.


1. Kinah rewards have been adjusted in some quests.

2. Fixed typos in ‘Advance to Gelkmaros’ and ‘Advance to Inggison’.

3. Fixed typos in ‘[Instance] Infiltration Order’ and ‘[Instance] War Depot Spying Operation’.

Enchanting Update
3dc7d0082b6168c224b8e639.png Breakthrough System Breakthrough System has been added allowing players to go beyond item's Enchanting limit.
4354d758c36cb2c7d1afb0dd.png +20 Enchanting Effect Items with Enchanting level 20+ have a new effect, receive a random skill and wrapping count increases.
5bb3ceb7916c37abf19a5a16.jpg Other Changes Enchanting Update introduced some minor changes like some Abyss items can now be dyed.
5f71f1575ab58a6698c3cd2b.png Related Items Inert Amplification Tool l Amplification Stone l Omega Enchantment Stone