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The Bard is a new class governed by Empyrean Lady Siel.
The ascension to Daeva turns Artists into Bards, who musically enchant their enemies and allies with the string instruments that they carry.
The Bards once loved singing and enjoyed the support of Lady Siel. When Siel disappeared after the great catastrophe and the tearing apart of Atreia, the Bards silenced their instruments and concentrated on the researching of music. They found out that music can be combined with Aether and began to test this newly won power in combat. They were not only in the position to be able to attack and curse the enemy, but also to heal or strengthen allies too. These skills helped Bards attain recognition across all of Atreia and the have since then been known as their own underclass of the Artist.

Bard Characteristics

 Basic Attributes  Power 90 / Health 100 / Agility 100 / Accuracy 100 / Knowledge 110 / Will 110
 Available Weapons  Stringed Instrument
 Available Armor  Cloth
 Class Features
  • The ascent to Daeva turns Artists to Bards.
  • The Bard can heal group members or weaken and attack the enemy through the use of magical melodies and magical lyrics.
  • They can weaken multiple enemies and can turn the battle situation to their advantage.
  • Uses string instruments as a weapon.

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Bard Artwork